Tuesday, April 08, 2008

49B's moment of truth.

Someone had to ask.

Tonight at the monthly meeting amongst SD49 Republicans, the proverbial elephant in the room was acknowledged.

Which candidate will outgoing representative Kathy Tingelstad (R-49B) support in the race for her vacated seat?

The DFL endorsed candidate in our district, Jerry Newton, never opposed Tingelstad in any of the previous six elections because he considered her a good friend.

“She’s one of the finest people I ever knew,” Newton said. “She represented this area well. I find it atrocious that the people of her party would go after her for one vote after 12 good years of service.”

Just a couple of weeks ago, GOP endorsed Jake Cimenski took some subtle jabs at the MN GOP and how we’re seemingly abandoning core conservative principles. There was no doubt that he was alluding to the likes of Tingelstad and the rest of the “override six.”

Given that background, many Republicans in our House District were genuinely concerned that our candidate would be thrown under the bus as a result.

So the question was asked: Are you going to support Jerry Newton?

Tingelstad: “No. I’m a Republican.”

With that, I will take Rep. Tingelstad at her word.

However, it would have been nice if that same answer came when asked “Are you going to override Governor Pawlenty’s veto of the transportation bill?”



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we are going to lose this seat. Nice work idiots.

Brad Carlson said...

Nice work idiots.

Who are the "idiots" you're referring to?

Anonymous said...

I believe the "idiots" he's referring to are the good people of 49B, who in their wisdom decided to vote with their beliefs and not support a candidate that has not been representing their interests, just because she has an "R" after her name.
Rep. Tinglestad is a good person and she has the courage of her convictions. She honestly believes that she did the right thing. Enough of her constituants disagreed, and they chose someone else to represent them. In case anybody has forgotten, that is the way a representative democracy is supposed to work.