Friday, July 31, 2015


Yes, I'm well aware of the atrocious display of violence which took place in Africa earlier this month. How any human being who supposedly has a soul or a conscience could carry out such action is beyond comprehension to me.

Naturally I'm referring to the ghouls of Boko Haram, who wiped out two African villages in two days.

What did you think I was talking about?


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Unexpected blessing

So I got a call from the Operations Manager at the radio station where I broadcast on Sundays. He asked if I would be interested in taking a 15 minute flight on a fully restored B-17 bomber which was flown in World War II. Our station, AM 1280 The Patriot, had been doing some work to promote the B-17 Aluminum Overcast Tour. One of the perks extended us was a ride aboard the aircraft. What was I gonna say? No?

So Tuesday morning I headed to the Blaine airport to partake in this incredible experience.

One thing which struck me was how difficult it was for someone my size (6'2", two hundred and none-of-your-dang-business pounds) to maneuver inside the aircraft given that it was built for soldiers no taller than 5'6" and weighing no more than 150.
A videoposted by Brad Carlson (@bradley0569) on

To cap off this thrilling experience, I was honored to chat with a WWII vet by the name of Harold.

Harold was aboard a B-17 in 35 separate missions in 1944. Whenever I am in the presence of a member of our greatest generation, I often feel myself becoming a tad misty eyed. Of the WWII veterans still with us, the vast majority are in their 90s. As such, nearly all of them will be gone within a decade, a fact which wasn't lost on the folks taking the tour. As Harold was helped onto the tarmac after the flight, there were a good number of tourists wanting to take his picture. The attention and fanfare he garnered rivaled anything you'd see on a red carpet.

Kinda made my day upon experiencing some of our great country's history.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Not within the template, Part II

Say, do you remember those secret police tactics employed by Wisconsin law enforcement officials on the homes of those who supported Gov. Scott Walker? Well the primary whistleblower who cited the Milwaukee County D.A. (a Walker detractor) as the mastermind behind these investigations is now dead.

Former aldermanic candidate Michael Lutz died early Sunday morning of an apparent suicide, according to the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office.

Lutz, 44, a former Milwaukee police officer, suffered an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound "while in the presence of Menomonee Falls tactical officers after a brief tactical situation," the medical examiner's office said in a release issued Sunday.

Lutz was pronounced dead in the 12300 block of W. Mill Road in Milwaukee at 4:05 a.m., the release said. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

Menomonee Falls police are investigating the incident.

Lutz finished fourth in Tuesday's primary in the 11th Aldermanic District to fill the Common Council seat left vacant by the death of Joe Dudzik. He received 426 votes out of 4,155 ballots cast.

He retired from the Milwaukee Police Department after 17 years, initially receiving taxpayer-funded duty disability pay for post-traumatic stress disorder. His pay was later converted to a regular retirement.

In 2005, Lutz was shot in the arm after he and his partner chased a suspected drug dealer into a house on the city's near south side. He never returned to active duty.

Lutz later became a criminal defense attorney and was the anonymous source for a series of stories last year critical of Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm.

Lutz suggested that Chisholm, a Democrat, had a political agenda in overseeing a John Doe investigation of aides and associates of Republican Gov. Scott Walker during his time as Milwaukee County executive and in initiating a separate probe of Walker's campaign.

Seems pretty cut and dried that this was a suicide.

One thing that stood out immediately was the leftist media was conspicuously silent with its normal conspiratorial tone in a case such as this. What do I mean by that? Well, does anyone recall the name Bill Sparkman? Back in September 2009, Sparkman was found dead near a rural Kentucky cemetery. The U.S. Census worker was found gagged and tied to a tree (was initially reported as a hanging) with the word "Fed" scrawled on his chest. You'll also recall at that point in time that the Tea Party movement was just starting to gather momentum in response to the big government agenda of the Obama administration. Yes, the leftist media couldn't help themselves in playing those little "connect the dots" games. Because he was employed by the Federal government and the corrupt organization ACORN had some involvement in the surveys, Sparkman may well have been the victim of "right wing hate" or something. Heck, some even suggested that then Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) would be partially to blame if Sparkman were indeed a homicide victim given her calls for people to refuse filling out surveys administered by ACORN.

Never one to forgo an opportunity to smear right-of-center political groups, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow raised similar assertions.

Now, on the record, law enforcement authorities remain cryptic. This reporting however paints a most troubling picture. None of the details of Bill Sparkman‘s death that we have learned since we first found out about this point away from the possibility that he was killed for his affiliation with the United States government.

Classic projection. You see it's the likes of public employee unions (predominately supportive of leftist politicians) who have actual documented cases of violence (or threats of violence) towards its political opponents. And since Michael Lutz exposed the political intimidation of those who supported Walker (the P.E. unions' public enemy number one), would there be any doubt that his actions angered some leftists kooks? To be clear, I absolutely am not insinuating that Lutz's death was suspicious (again, it seems pretty clear by the preliminary reports it was not). But in the name of consistency, why didn't the media scrutinize this incident with the same suspicious tone as the Sparkman death (which was eventually ruled death by suicide)?

That's one of those rhetorical questions, by the way.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Box Score of the Week

An interleague contest between the Texas Rangers and L.A. Dodgers on June 30, 1997.


The 1997 season saw the debut of regular season interleague play. In this game, Texas starter Bobby Witt became the first American League pitcher to homer in an interleague contest.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tell the DJ to play your favorite tune, then you know it's okay......

It's a special Saturday edition of The Closer as my friend and colleague Mitch Berg will taking my Sunday slot tomorrow. I will be live on the air today from 1:00 until 3:00 PM Central Time.

Right at 1:00 I'll be joined by Alpha News Chief Capitol Reporter Julia Erynn. We'll discuss the myriad topics Julia has covered locally with Alpha News, including a mother of two servicemen being barred from flying an American flag outside her condo, tobacco restrictions in Minneapolis, the early returns on Congressman Tom Emmer's job performance in his first term, etc.

In the non-guest segments, I'll likely cover multiple angles of the Donald Trump for President campaign, the Planned Parenthood scandal and a black journalist being ripped for agreeing that "all lives matter."

So please give me a call at (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to discuss any of the topics I plan on addressing. You can also text comments/questions to (651) 243-0390.

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area, you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio

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Until then.....


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Few questions usually result in fewer answers

Despite 65 MN Republican state legislators requesting him to do so, Little Lord Fauntleroy Gov. Mark Dayton will not call for an investigation of the local Planned Parenthood clinics in light of revelations that other PP clinics sell body parts from aborted babies. No shock really, especially when you consider Dayton dismissed the GOP legislators' letter as "grandstanding."

Kind of an aside here, but I notice that whenever Dayton is on the defensive (i.e. can't intellectually refute a claim made by detractors), he usually blurts out the knee-jerk accusation of "grandstanding." Whether it's in response to criticism of his attempts to unionize daycare workers, or his preemptive warnings about how the GOP should behave in special legislative sessions (2013 and 2015), or reacting to a press conference where Republican senators discussed MNsure reforms, our perpetually petulant governor appears to be verbally deficient (to say nothing of his incoherence) in his outrage.

I digress.

Say, have any local media types bothered to request comment from MN Lt. Gov. (and former VP for External Affairs with Planned Parenthood) Tina Smith on these revelations? The only public acknowledgment of Smith's I can find is on her twitter feed where she merely "retweeted" statements made by Planned Parenthood Federation of American president Cecile Richards.

Yes, I've said it before and I'll say it again: MN Dems sure got it good.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Providing inspiration

Any day now, the wife of Minnesota Twins third baseman Trevor Plouffe will be giving birth to the couple's first child. When I heard of this development, I couldn't help but think of a Twitter message I  directed at Plouffe after a game at Target Field in mid April 2013.

We'll come back to that.

It was a Tuesday evening contest against the Anaheim Angels with the game time temperature in the mid 40s (it probably got down in the 30s near game's end). Plouffe had a bad night at the plate, going 0 for 5. Nevertheless, the Twins had a comfortable 8-4 lead in top of the ninth inning with one out. The Angels' Luis Jimenez then hit a routine grounder to Plouffe. Unfortunately the throw to first was wide, allowing Jimenez to reach. At this point, the remaining fans in attendance were at their wits end over Plouffe's ineptitude. As the inning progressed, Anaheim's Mike Trout eventually came to the plate with runners at first and second with two outs. After fouling off several tough pitches from closer Glen Perkins, Trout lined a double to right field which scored both runners and made the score 8-6 Twins. The invective for Plouffe only grew louder as Albert Pujols stepped to the plate as the tying run. Pujols proceeded to swing at the first pitch and hit a hard ground ball towards third. The ball hit the heel of Plouffe's glove and went straight up in the air. A collective loud groan emanated from the crowd in the realization that the go ahead run was about to come to bat. Amazingly, Twins shortstop Pedro Florimon snatched the ball off the deflection and in one fluid motion threw to first to nab the slow-footed Pujols (who was battling plantar fasciitis at the time) by about a half step. 

Upon sweating out the victory, I tweeted at Plouffe that he was essentially spared a mini fan revolt thanks to his shortstop. 

So upon the news of baby Plouffe arriving this week, pay special attention to the name. We'll see if Trevor follows through on his pledge. 


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's out there

A little more than a year ago, L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling was banned from the National Basketball Association for life. The harsh ruling was handed down by Commissioner Adam Silver in light of Sterling's mistress V. Stiviano releasing audio of the Clips' owner making blatantly racist remarks. Given the fact that the conversation likely took place in the state of California and appears to have been recorded without Sterling's knowledge made Stiviano's actions illegal. Regardless, Silver based his ruling solely on Sterling's conduct despite how the evidence was obtained. As such, there was very little uproar over the alleged illegality of Stiviano's methodology given how shocking Sterling's comments came across.

Fast forward to this past week or so and we find ourselves witnessing a similar dilemma after horrifying revelations from Planned Parenthood officials.

Planned Parenthood’s top legal officer is claiming the viral video that sparked a national uproar over fetal tissue donation last week was created as part of a decades-old illegal smear campaign.

Roger Evans, the organization’s senior counsel, told House Republicans on Monday that the secretly filmed video was created by anti-abortion-rights activists who have repeatedly broken laws to gain access to Planned Parenthood as part of a “decade-long pattern of illegal harassment.”

He claimed the same activist who released last week's video has illegally taped staff or patients at least 65 times over the last decade. “From all that is known today, it appears that the only people who have broken laws are the extremists who have been hounding women and Planned Parenthood doctors for years,” Evans said.

The video was released last week by the Center for Medical Progress, an organization led by David Daleiden, who has been accused by Planned Parenthood of “at least 10 separate attacks” against the group.

In the video, which has surpassed 2 million videos online, members of the Center for Medical Progress impersonated researchers at a fake company called Biomax Procurement Services to discuss fetal tissue donation with Planned Parenthood’s top doctor.

PP is more than welcome to make its case against the "activists" in an effort to determine if any crimes were committed. But even if this individual/group is found guilty and prosecuted to fullest extent of the law, the damage to Planned Parenthood's....uh....."reputation" appears irreparably harmed. You see this is just one of myriad deflections being put forth by anyone associated with PP. I have yet to see any credible defense against the admission of selling fetal tissue from aborted babies.

The vehement deflections continued Tuesday morning.

There has also been a call for Congressional Republicans to take a vote on defunding Planned Parenthood. Already the likes of Hillary Clinton are issuing warnings that there will be be severe consequences which will arise if the GOP messes with women's "healthcare." Yeah, you might wanna take that up with Planned Parenthood, Hil. Not even they can defend the indefensible.


Monday, July 20, 2015

Box Score of the Week

Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox - May 3, 1996.


In a game against the Washington Nationals last week, L.A. Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez hit a home run. However, the game was suspended for the evening after the ballpark lights kept going out. The game was resumed the next afternoon where Gonzalez homered again. That is the first time a player hit a home run in two different segments of a suspended game since the Blue Jays' Joe Carter did so in that May 3-4, 1996 contest against the Red Sox. 


Sunday, July 19, 2015

And everything I had to know I heard it on my radio....

Another Sunday, another edition of the Northern Alliance Radio Network program The Closer will be on the airwaves. The 2-hour festivities begin at 1:00 PM Central Time.

I'll address the tragedy at the Chattanooga, TN Marine recruiting centers and how the national media didn't seem to engage in the typical politicization of the a mass shooting. On a local level, my state Senate District officially has a candidate to vie for the GOP endorsement to replace Sen. Branden Petersen, who is not running for reelection in 2016.

At 1:15, GOP political strategist (and the program's official political wonk) Matt Mackowiak will check in to discuss the Iran deal, sanctuary cities and GOP presidential candidates.

Then at 2:00, AM 1280 promotions guy (and fellow Minnesota Twins rube) Ross Brendel will stop by to chat about the local nine's prospects for a postseason berth as we approach the non-waiver trade deadline.

So please give me a call at (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to discuss any of the topics I plan on addressing. You can also text comments/questions to (651) 243-0390.

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area, you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio

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Until then.....


Friday, July 17, 2015

Not within the template

Whenever a mass shooting has taken place over the past several years, the mainstream media was eager to politicize it. Whether it was blaming Sarah Palin for Jared Loughner in early 2011 or naming a Colorado Tea Party member in the Aurora movie theater shooting in 2012 or conjuring up a race called "White Hispanic" in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the media seemed to have a fount of narratives in its arsenal.

With that in mind, do you care to venture a guess as to why there was no breathless MSM speculation regarding Thursday's tragic shooting?

A gunman unleashed a barrage of gunfire at two military facilities Thursday in Tennessee, killing four Marines and wounding two other service members and a police officer, officials told CBS News.

The shooter also was killed. Law enforcement sources told CBS News that the shooting suspect was identified as 24-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez. According to a U.S. law enforcement source, Abdulazeez was born in Kuwait and came to the United States in 1996. It's unclear if and when he became an American citizen.

A U.S. official told CBS News that Abdulazeez was not on law enforcement radar concerning possible terror links or aspirations. The FBI was not aware of him as being any kind of threat.Officials will try to find out if Abdulazeez was motivated or influenced by ISIS.

The group has been calling for "lone wolf" style attacks in the U.S. on the military and police during the month of Ramadan, which concludes Friday. Over the Fourth of July holiday, federal law enforcement officials warned of the potential for an attack.

Yes, this tragedy is not in the media's wheelhouse since the shooter wasn't white (neither was George Zimmerman, but one of his parents was, hence "White Hispanic"), there's speculation this was an act of terrorism (Impossible!! The Obama administration eradicated such factions or something) and it occurred on premises where guns were banned (Yeah, we certainly can't trust military personnel with weaponry, eh?).

Now I'm certainly not advocating that the MSM call this an ISIS style "lone wolf" attack or declare Abdulazeez a member of any international terrorist organization before a thorough investigation is conducted. However, for the sake of consistency, it'd be nice if they apply that same standard to the other mass shootings instead of creating a narrative in an effort to propel gun control (conspicuously silent on it this incident) or tarnish the reputation of a political ideology they detest. Dare to dream.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Neville Obama

I highly doubt that anyone in their wildest imagination would have believed that President Barack Obama could unite the Arabs and Israelis. Unfortunately it's because both oppose America on the Iranian nuclear deal

After 18 days of intense and often fractious negotiation, world powers and Iran struck a landmark deal Tuesday to curb Iran's nuclear program in exchange for billions of dollars in relief from international sanctions — an agreement designed to avert the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran and another U.S. military intervention in the Muslim world.

The accord will keep Iran from producing enough material for a nuclear weapon for at least 10 years and impose new provisions for inspections of Iranian facilities, including military sites. And it marks a dramatic break from decades of animosity between the United States and Iran, countries that alternatively call each other the "leading state sponsor of terrorism" and the "the Great Satan."

"This is a historic moment," Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said as he attended a final session alongside his counterparts from the United States, Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia in Vienna on Tuesday morning. "We are reaching an agreement that is not perfect for anybody, but it is what we could accomplish, and it is an important achievement for all of us. Today could have been the end of hope on this issue. But now we are starting a new chapter of hope."

Yeah, one aspect of that new "chapter" is access to more than $100 billion of lifted sanctions that could go back into the coffers. Something tells me it's not going to be used to stimulate the Iranian economy (unless of course you factor in an increase in terrorist "jobs").

But hey, in exchange for all the generous concessions given to Iran, certainly they will allow random requests for "snap inspections" to ensure compliance, right?

Negotiators failed to meet the standard of achieving "anytime, anywhere" access that several members of the United States Congress had demanded as a part of any nuclear deal. Instead, in the event Iran objects to an IAEA request for access to a specific site, a "clock" will begin that grants the two sides 14 days to negotiate.

If that period expires without any resolution reached directly between Iran and the IAEA, the Joint Commission would have seven days to advise them on a way forward. Iran would then have three days to comply with the commission's final advice, bringing the total time on the clock to 24 days.

24 days?!?! Bah. That's not at all enough time to conceal evidence of any kind of proliferation activities. Nope. Nosireebob. We're good.

Sadly, this sparks memories of the naivete the U.S. displayed upon reaching a nuke deal with North Korea in 1994.

"Before I take your questions, I'd like to say just a word about the framework with North Korea that Ambassador Gallucci signed this morning. This is a good deal for the United States," Clinton said at the press conference.

"North Korea will freeze and then dismantle its nuclear program. South Korea and our other allies will be better protected. The entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons.

"South Korea, with support from Japan and other nations, will bear most of the cost of providing North Korea with fuel to make up for the nuclear energy it is losing, and they will pay for an alternative power system for North Korea that will allow them to produce electricity while making it much harder for them to produce nuclear weapons.

"The United States and international inspectors will carefully monitor North Korea to make sure it keeps its commitments. Only as it does so will North Korea fully join the community of nations."

That deal collapsed in less than a decade.

In the Summer of 2003, the U.S. participated in Six-Party talks to once again negotiate a treaty where North Korea abandons its nuclear program. Alas, that agreement also fell by the wayside within six years. Say what you will about the ultimately failed agreements with North Korea, at least there were allies like Japan and South Korea included in those talks. But in negotiations with Iran, apparently the likes of the Arab nations and Israel didn't have a vested interest in such meetings.

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton doesn't exactly paint a rosy picture concerning the inevitability that Iran will have nuclear weapons within a decade.

Bolton said failure to take aggressive action 15 years ago leaves two undesirable options — allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon, setting off a local nuclear arms race in the Middle East, or take military action to knock out the nuclear program.

And what of the prospects of Congress stopping this deal?

“The most that Congress can do if it’s successful is prevent Obama from lifting U.S. sanctions,” he said.

Bolton said other countries, in response to the agreement, will lift their sanctions. That will leave U.S. policy where it was in 2006, with American sanctions in place but Iran having a much freer hand.

Finally, the aftermath of the Iran deal should be interesting to watch, particularly among Congress and 2016 presidential hopefuls.


Quick Hits Volume: CXV

-Remember that CNBC post which indicated Minnesota was 2015's top state for business? Well when something doesn't pass the proverbial smell test, there's a reason. My Northern Alliance Radio Network colleague King Banaian laid it out.

..(I)f you dig into the data not all is well. The ranking consists of scores on 10 categories. Minnesota ranks second in education (up from 12th in 2014) and 13th in workforce – things like productivity and training programs as well as union membership and right-to-work laws – with Minnesota rising 17 places in the second category. But it is still 35th in the cost of doing business, 32nd in cost of living, and fell 8 places to 23rd in ‘business friendliness’ and 12 places in access to capital.

So what kind of cockamamie criteria would vault Minnesota to the top in such a category? One indicator is simply how well said state markets itself as a place to do business. Huh.

Well, hype is one thing. But actual statistics would seem to trump a good marketing campaign.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its most recent Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, the higher-quality but time-delayed job statistics that go deep into the state and county level.

The numbers, now available through the first quarter of 2014, paint a less promising picture of job growth in Minnesota last year than we've been seeing in the monthly job numbers.

According to the new data, which everyone agrees is more reliable than the monthly numbers, Minnesota ranked 41st in the nation in private sector job growth from March 2013 to March 2014, with a growth rate of 0.8 percent.

That ranks last in the Midwest. Behind Michigan, behind Iowa, behind Illinois, and, unfortunately, behind Wisconsin.

Amazing how growth of public sector jobs never seems to suffer to that same degree, eh?

- I'm not sure if this was meant to troll Christians, but I saw the following Tweet Sunday evening:

If you so desire, click the link in the above Tweet to read the post that delves into Jesus's sexual orientation.

To me, the answer to the author's inquiry is quite succinct: No. Jesus was without sin.

- The number of GOP presidential candidates reached double digits some time ago, yet one high-profile candidate rumored to be getting in had yet to declare.....until Monday.

Scott Walker vowed Monday to fight for America's interests abroad and for his conservative policies in Washington, launching a 2016 Republican presidential bid by highlighting his clashes with labor unions as his campaign taunted his Democratic critics.

The 47-year-old second-term governor embraced his "fighter" reputation as he formally declared his candidacy in an evening speech, his family at his side, and protesters gathered just outside the convention hall.

"We are running to serve as your president of the United States of America," Walker declared.

"Americans deserve a president who will fight and win for them," he said. "You see, it doesn't matter if you're from a big city, a suburb or a small town, I will fight and win for you. Healthy or sick, born or unborn, I will fight and win for you."

I've made no secret of how much I like the Wisconsin governor, especially when I see the needed reforms happening in the state just to our east. Walker certainly is battle tested, having won three statewide elections (including a 2012 recall) in four years. He's also young and has executive experience, which (as we know all too well given the ineptitude of the White House's current occupant) is preferable to a candidate with merely legislative experience.

Where I see Walker being vulnerable is in the area of foreign policy which, amazingly enough, has suddenly become a critical issue in the eyes of the left and media (PTR). But there's plenty of time to hone that message. Walker also continues to vehemently declare his opposition to same-sex marriage, at one point floating an idea of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution declaring individual states having a right to decide the issue. Sorry Gov. Walker, but that's a political loser, especially in light of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision which granted the right for same-sex couples to marry in all 50 states.

Regardless, it's going to be fun watching leftists froth over the next several months. Rarely have I seen an elected official who can conjure up such utter lunacy among libs.

I think the GOP field is officially at 15 candidates. Can we stop there, please?


Monday, July 13, 2015

Box Score of the Week

It's All-Star week, so let's take a look at the 1957 All-Star Game.


For a time, there was a chance the 2015 AL All-Star team would have had 7 or 8 Kansas City Royals as starters due to fan voter manipulation. Obviously there was some pretty serious ballot stuffing by Royals' fans. There was also rumors that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred would step in and rule that a couple of Royals would be removed as starters.

The 1957 All-Star Game would have offered some precedent for Manfred.

Controversy surrounded the 1957 outing as the fanatical Cincinnati voters stuffed the ballot boxes and elected nearly their entire team (minus first baseman George Crowe & the batboy) onto the National League's starting roster. This upset Commissioner Ford Frick greatly and he responded by removing Gus Bell and Wally Post from the starting nine. He also transferred the responsibility for All-Star voting to the players, managers and coaches the next year.

My thing is if the ASG is going to mean something (i.e. determining which league will have home field advantage in the World Series), then we should take the player selection process more seriously. I believe Commissioner Frick had the right idea. 


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Well maybe I don't want to take advice from fools......

Looking forward to another Northern Alliance Radio Network broadcast of The Closer this afternoon. The 2-hour program begins at 1:00 PM Central Time.

Right at 1:00 I will be joined via phone by Mark "Oz" Geist. Mark was in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 and was one of the first responders upon the terrorist attack on the American consulate (He also contributed to the book 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi). Mark will be in the Twin Cities on July 17 for an event brought to you by the Shadow Warriors Project. Check out the details here.

In the non-guest segments, I'll discuss some local political news, specifically concerning the state Senate District where I reside. 

On the national front, I'll weigh in on President Obama once again playing politics in regards to the funeral of an American citizen who was senselessly killed. There was also another legal decision handed down in an effort to get the NFL's Washington Redskins to change their nickname.

So please give me a call at (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to discuss any of the topics I plan on addressing. You can also text comments/questions to (651) 243-0390.

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area, you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio

Even though I have a face for radio, there is a UStream channel where you can watch the broadcast, if you so desire. Check it out here.  

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #narn or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Saturday, July 11, 2015

So that happened......

For some reason I decided to flip on the 9th inning of the Tigers-Twins game last evening. As has been the trend this season, the Motor City Kitties were whooping up on my favorite squad (Detroit was 8-2 this season vs. the Twins going into Friday), leading 6-1 in the ninth.

Then this happened: 

-Mauer singled.
-Sano doubled.
-Plouffe struck out.
-Rosario singled, scoring Mauer. 6-2, Detroit.
-Rosario attempted to steal second but was called out. However, the Twins challenged via replay, which showed Rosario slid in safely.
-Hicks walked to load the bases.
-Suzuki leaned into a 69 MPH breaking ball - HBP. 6-3, Detroit. Bases still loaded. 
-Santana singled up the middle, scoring Rosario and Hicks. 6-5, Detroit.
-Recently snubbed A.L. All-Star Brian Dozier, in almost a proverbial thumb of the nose to voting fans, crushed a 3-run homer to left. TWINS WIN, 8-6!!!!

The reaction on social media was fun to partake.

I happened to notice that actor (and Detroit native/sports fan) Jeff Daniels was most displeased with the loss.

I'm normally not a "rub it in" type of guy but I guess I was just caught up in the excitement of the moment, so I replied with this:

The wife and I are attending this afternoon's contest at Target Field. Let's hope my favorite club still has something left in the tank.


Thursday, July 09, 2015


Minnesota Twins second baseman Brian Dozier is one of four American League players vying for the final spot on the A.L. All-Star squad.

Dozier has blossomed into an everyday player for the Twins over the past few seasons and has been perhaps the one consistent offensive force in their lineup this year. The Mississippi native, who played his college ball at Southern Miss, has also become one of the better defensive second baseman in the league. While Dozier's alma mater is hardly a factory for star professional athletes, I think we can all agree that he is merely the second most well known sports figure. 

Ah, but perhaps the most famous Golden Eagle recently weighed in on behalf of Dozier's All-Star bid. 

I guess your mission is clear!


Tuesday, July 07, 2015

From my home state senate district........

I had been hearing rumblings that a certain liberty-leaning MN state senator would not run for another term. It was confirmed Monday.

Republican state Sen. Branden Petersen of Andover said Monday on Twitter that he would not run for a second term in the Senate next year.

In his short time in the Senate, Petersen, who also served one term in the House, made an impression on legislative politics.

A Republican with a libertarian bent -- his personal email address begins with the word "liberty" -- Petersen posted his reasons for his votes publicly for a time, became the only Republican Senate member to vote to legalize same-sex marriage, was a vocal backer of medical marijuana and partnered with people from all over the political spectrum on privacy issues.

The youngest member of the Minnesota Senate, Petersen embraced social media and used it to share his views.

I first learned of this development Monday morning via Twitter.

I have zero reason to doubt Petersen's stated motives given he and his lovely wife have three children all under the age of five. I imagine it's a difficult balancing act for most legislators. Sure, the actual legislative session may only run 3-4 months. However, when out of session, there's myriad constituent meetings as well fundraising and campaigning, so being a state legislator is pretty much a full time job while not exactly garnering an exorbitant salary.

The prevailing sentiment I've seen from both sides of the political aisle is a deep respect for Petersen as a legislator. Despite the fact he represented an overwhelmingly right-leaning senate district, Petersen was not known for political expediency, which at times rankled voters in his district. I recall a Sunday evening in February 2013 when Sen. Petersen faced some angry constituents after proactively crafting a proposal to legalize same-sex marriage. Since Minnesota was under all Democrat control, Petersen thought it best to engage the issue in order to ensure religious institutions were protected from having to violate their beliefs. Even though the MN Marriage Amendment (a measure looking to define marriage as strictly between a man and woman) was defeated by voters a few months earlier, the majority of voters in our senate district (approximately 52%) voted "yes" on said ballot measure. While some were definitely upset over Petersen defying the will of the district, there were also a fair number of folks who felt betrayed that they weren't informed of the Senator's intentions. Since Petersen (as a MN House member in 2011) voted to allow Minnesotans to decide the matter at the ballot box in November 2012, the assumption was he opposed gay marriage. As such, his actions in early 2013 looked to be an "about face." Petersen was given a vote of "no confidence" by our local senate district's exec committee in June 2013 (it was rescinded 7 months later).

Petersen was perhaps held in the highest regard by folks within the libertarian wing of the MN GOP. Whenever he posted a political view on social media, hordes of liberty loving people often showered  his Facebook thread and Twitter feed with fawning accolades. For a group of folks who seem to detest the political process and oftentimes politicians themselves, there sure is a heckuva lot of "cult of personality" and utter delirium within the "liberty movement" that, at times, rivals the Barack Obama 2008 campaign. To be clear, I don't sense the adulation was something Petersen was inviting as much as it was just to share his unvarnished beliefs with constituents et al.

The next logical question is who will we look to endorse as the Republican candidate for 2016 (Hint: It ain't gonna be me)? Longtime GOP activist and blogger Andy Aplikowski cobbled together a post within 20 minutes of Petersen's announcement indicating he is considering a run. Given his work ethic, I can't think of many who could rival his tenacity on the campaign trail. I imagine more names will crop up within the next week or two.

With that, I wish Branden nothing but the best as he retreats into "civilian" life. My wife and I have been privileged to get to know he and his wife Jessica a little bit over the past few years. If nothing else, I'm hoping we can finally get together for that long overdue dinner we've been trying to schedule for a couple of years.


Monday, July 06, 2015

Box Score of the Week

Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox - September 27, 1999.


This was the 8th consecutive start where Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez struck out 10 or more batters, which was an MLB record. White Sox pitcher Chris Sale tied the mark on June 30 this season. 


Sunday, July 05, 2015


CNN's Jake Tapper is a model of integrity when it comes to today's media personalities. My admiration for Tapper is in spite of the fact that he's no conservative, which reaffirms my initial declaration. That is he's supposed to hold accountable news makers from both sides of the aisle, and he does so with the simple mindset of "Hey, it's my job."

So when lefty talking heads from such kook fringe sites as Think Progress and Media Matters for America kvetch that news networks aren't liberal enough, someone like Tapper is easily able to quash that chanting point when it concerns his own shows.

Case in point:

At this point, I'm all like:

You can check out some additional reactions to this exchange via Twitchy. It is so great!


Don't you know me? I'm the boy next door.....

Regardless of the date, we always celebrate the greatness of America on the Northern Alliance Radio Network. I will be in my usual two-hour time slot for The Closer, beginning at 1:00 PM Central Time.

There's been a lot of fallout this past week from the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, so I'll get cover some of those stories. 

At 2:00 I will be joined by Ken Madden of the MN Liberty Tea Party Patriots. Ken will be on to promote a big TPP event taking place this Tuesday in Champlin.

Then at 2:30 I'll be joined by Miss South Central MN Alyson Kriz

We'll discuss Alyson's recent performance at the Miss Minnesota pageant, chat about her future plans and highlight her very important platform Freedom From Fear: Fighting Mental Illness. 

So please give me a call at (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to discuss any of the topics I plan on addressing. You can also text comments/questions to (651) 243-0390.

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area, you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio

Even though I have a face for radio, there is a UStream channel where you can watch the broadcast, if you so desire. Check it out here.  

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #narn or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Friday, July 03, 2015

Oh my! Sulu goes so low.

Yet another entrant into the category "Imagine the veritable s**t storm had a conservative said this."

George Takei went on a racist rant Monday in an interview in Phoenix, unleashing on conservative Justice Clarence Thomas in response to Thomas’ comments regarding the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, NewsBusters reported.

“He is a clown in blackface sitting on the Supreme Court. He gets me that angry. He doesn’t belong there,” Takei said, later adding, “This man does not belong on the Supreme Court. He is an embarrassment. He is a disgrace to America. I’ll say it on camera.”

Takei’s rage came in light of the Justice’s contrary stance on the recent equal marriage decision, where the Court ruled 5-4 that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Thomas released a statement saying that the government does not grant human dignity, and as such cannot take it away. Thomas argued that human dignity is inherent, and that the Supreme Court cannot issue it.

As for Takei’s “blackface” remark, liberals seem pretty pleased by it.

Takei later explained away his "blackface" remark as not really meaning what we believe it meant, or something.

Uh huh. Kinda like when Rep. Ryan Winkler called Justice Thomas an "Uncle Thomas" and claimed to have believed it meant "turncoat." Whatevs.

Of course the mainstream media didn't call Takei on his behavior given that he falls within the trifecta of their favorite protected classes: Leftist, minority and gay (in that order). Oh, and he posts funny things on Facebook, so he's providing a valuable service y'know.

Truth be told, I'm not the least bit shocked Takei wasn't called out on any outlet outside of right-of-center venues. Again, he's the lovable gay guy who starred in perhaps one of the more revered Science Fiction TV shows in the history of entertainment. Certainly a disgusting racist tirade doesn't fit within that template. Besides, if Clarence Thomas would just possess the thought process most leftists believe a black man should adhere to, there would have been no problem. As such, George is absolved of responsibility. Love wins!