Thursday, November 04, 2004

FOUR score and six years of sports and politics.

Since the existence of the NFL's Redskins (Boston, then Washington), there had been 16 Presidential elections involving an incumbent prior to the 2004 contest. The prevailing trend was the result of the last Redskins' home game prior to the election determined the winner of the Presidency. If the Redskins won, the incumbent won. If Redskins lost, the challenger prevailed.

On Sunday, the Green Bay Packers defeated Washington 28-14 in D.C. That foretold a John Kerry victory, right? Ahh... the 2004 sports season. We witnessed things we had never seen before.

--When the Boston Red Sox fell behind the New York Yankees, 3 games to 0 in baseball's ALCS, what was the prevailing wisdom? 
No team has EVER rallied from a 3-0 deficit. The Yanks are on the way to another AL pennant and a berth in the World Series

--The Boston Red Sox moved on to the World Series, where they hadn't won since 1918. Again, the pundits spoke.
No matter how good the Red Sox have ever been, they always find a way to break our hearts.

The Final results:

A historic rally by the Red Sox in the ALCS, four straight wins

A dominant performance by the Sox in the World Series against the St Louis Cardinals, four game sweep.

George W Bush, re-elected President. FOUR MORE YEARS!!