Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Emptying the desk drawer in my mind

Some random thoughts as we await Spring:

-It looks as though Arizona businessman Reggie Fowler will be the next owner of the Minnesota Vikings. Pending approval, he will be the first black owner of an NFL franchise. However, the only color that's relevant here is GREEN! That said, when a few inaccuracies were noted in Mr. Fowler's bio, it was only a matter of days before the race card was enacted by Syl Jones.

-Have the Democrats learned yet that you do not win elections with negativity and anger? To answer that, I give you a quote from newly appointed Democratic National Committee chairman, Howard Dean:
"I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for, but I admire their discipline and their organization."

-The National Hockey League officially cancelled its 2004-'05 regular season. What's sad is the NHL reported only a slight decrease in attendance for the year.

-Listeners of radio show pundit Rush Limbaugh (a/k/a "Dittoheads") are consistently touted as "mind-numbed robots" who have an inability to "think for themselves". Since I have yet to hear a satisfactory answer, I will ask again: WHAT POSSIBLE ULTERIOR MOTIVE COULD THERE BE FOR DECLARING ALLEGIANCE TO RUSH LIMBAUGH? Now Anna Nicole Smith marrying an 87-year old billionaire could reek of an ulterior motive. But when Rush began his program in August 1988, who was he? A thrice fired radio personality who grew up in Missouri and didn't finish college. Did it ever occur to anyone that he struck a chord with listeners by eloquently outlining the Conservative agenda? People started to shout, "HEY!! That's exactly how I feel! I just didn't have the words to properly convey my thoughts!" That and the fact Rush pulls down about $30 million annually tells people he can take his ordinary background and become a huge success. THAT is the America I live in, John Edwards.