Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Quick Hits: Volume CXCIII

- The occurrence of a circular firing squad pitting U.S. House Democrat leadership vs. proggie darlings Tide Pod Evita Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, et al, it was an undeserved gift to Republicans, particularly President Donald Trump.

Ah, but if we know anything about the White House's current occupant, he just can't stand prosperity.

From a tweet thread put forth by Trump:

So interesting to see “Progressive” Democrat Congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run. Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done. These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements!

One of the appeals of Trump's 2016 candidacy was that he wasn't the typical politician and, for better or worse, wasn't interested in political correctness. But lack of political savvy is to his detriment here given that you should never interrupt your opponents savaging each other.

As the Dem civil war was raging, I made the comment that all they had to do was portray themselves as just moderately sane and they would likely hand Trump a re-election defeat similar to that of George H. W. Bush in 1992. But the President's latest tweet storm gives the Dems (for now anyways) the moral high ground.

It looks as though 2020 will once again be a scenario where whomever is dumbest last loses.

- On Monday evening, the St. Louis Park City Council reversed a controversial decision where they banned the Pledge of Allegiance prior to meetings.

After recently voting to reduce the recital of the Pledge, the council received significant pushback from community members.

On Monday night, council member Thom Miller started the meeting by moving to reinstate the pledge. Then, each council member took turns speaking on the issue and voted unanimously to reinstate it.

This saga ended up being way more of an ordeal than it needed to be. As I've said before, anyone attending these city council meetings shouldn't be required to recite the Pledge. But to outright ban it almost smacks of a First Amendment issue.

Let's hope the victors here don't get too haughty by shaming those who choose to not recite it or stand during it.

- So what the heck's going on with the Minnesota DHS???

The commissioner of the state's sprawling social service agency abruptly resigned Monday after just six months on the job, producing the first major shake-up of the new administration of Gov. Tim Walz.

Tony Lourey, who left the state Senate to become the commissioner of Human Services in January, wrote a letter to Walz saying his resignation would take effect at the end of the day, stunning some members of the Minnesota Legislature. No reason was given.

Lourey's sudden departure comes after the resignations of his two top deputies last week, raising anew questions about chaos at the top ranks of the $17.5 billion state agency.

When Lourey resigned from the state Senate to accept this post, his former seat went to a special election. It wound being won by Republican Jason Rarick, which increased the razor-thin GOP majority from 34-33 to 35-32. This is an especially big blow to the Walz administration given that Lourey moved on from DHS commish less than six months after proclaiming the job was one which "I’ve dedicated my life to."

Given the rampant fraud which has occurred in multiple state public assistance programs, this chaos couldn't have come at a worse time. Stay tuned I guess.


Monday, July 15, 2019

Sunday, July 14, 2019

On assignment

I will be on assignment for today's edition of my radio show The Closer. However, my friend and valued Northern Alliance Radio Network colleague Mitch Berg will be filling in for me 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. central time.

Tune in!


Friday, July 12, 2019

Consistently inconsistent

When House Speaker Paul Ryan chose not to seek re-election in 2018, President Trump tweeted the following:

But as is the moral code Trump subscribes to, his praise can be easily yanked if he perceives someone as "disloyal." So when it was revealed that excerpts of Ryan's upcoming book was less than complimentary towards the White House's current occupant, Trump responded with this tweet storm:

You can bet your last dollar that over the next year on the campaign trail, Trump will continue to tout the success of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, of which Ryan was heavily involved in orchestrating. And he will do so without a scintilla of shame.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

What's the problem?

How big a national story has the Pledge of Allegiance kerfuffle in St. Louis Park become? So much so that the President of the United States weighed in.

As I see it, the SLP City Council vote to eliminate the Pledge prior to meetings seemed to be a mass over-correction to a vague problem. The council's rationale for eliminating it was "due to concern that some residents in their 'increasingly diverse community' might find it unwelcoming." My question is how exactly is it unwelcoming? Are there a slew of atheists populating the city who might object to the phrase "One Nation under God...?" Is it due to new immigrants residing there who would prefer to pledge loyalty to their country of origin?

I, for one, don't believe in "forced patriotism." If there are folks who object to the Pledge, then I have zero issue with them remaining silent, staying seated or, dare I say, kneeling. But this idea that a municipal government forbids reciting it altogether smacks of a First Amendment violation.

This isn't over by a long shot.


Monday, July 08, 2019

Box Score of the Week

It's the All-Star break, so let's check out the 2008 All-Star game.


This game took place at the old Yankee Stadium in its final season. It also marked the longest ASG game in terms of time (4 hours, 50 minutes) and tied for longest at 15 innings. 


Sunday, July 07, 2019

Got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues....

First Sunday in July! The summer is moving on quick, but we at the Northern Alliance Radio Network are HERE FOR IT! Today's 2-hour edition of my radio show The Closer gets started at 1:00 PM Central Time.

I will throw in my two cents regarding Colin Kaepernick discouraging Nike from manufacturing a shoe with a logo of the Betsy Ross designed flag. Also, are "Never Trump" Republicans obligated to vote for the Democrat presidential candidate in 2020?

Locally, I will weigh in on the St Louis Park city council barring the Pledge of Allegiance prior to their meetings.

At 2:15, Super Bowl champ/singer/brain injury advocate Ben Utecht will stop by to promote a big time musical event taking place in the Twin Cities later this month. The subject of football is also likely to come up.

So please call (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics we plan on addressing.

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 or, if you're near downtown Minneapolis/West Metro area, 107.5 FM on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Alexa (just say "Alexa, play The Patriot Minneapolis")If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #NARNShow or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Friday, July 05, 2019

Sixty Nine

I don't have a "bucket list." However, if I did, meeting my all time favorite pop singer Huey Lewis would easily be in my top 10. 

Today Hugh Anthony Cregg III turned 69 years of age. Sadly he's unable to perform music these days due to a mysterious hearing loss. But if a minor miracle occurs and he is somehow able to return to the stage, I will definitely be in the audience as I have been for numerous shows in my 37 years as a Huey Lewis and the News fan!

Anyhow, if you're so inclined, take a gander at my commemoration of Huey's 60th birthday nine years ago (click here). 


Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Quick Hits: Volume CXCII

- Election Day 2020 is merely 16 months away (a veritable whiff of time in today's political realm). As such, announcements like this are starting to trickle in.

This is the right decision, especially in light of Minnesota Republicans being able to win statewide has become so elusive. And now that Sen. Tina Smith is an elected incumbent, the task of defeating her would be that much more formidable.

As of right now, the GOP holds a slim 35-32 majority in the MN Senate. With suburban Republicans becoming an endangered species in this state, there are some ripe opportunities for the DFL to flip some of those seats (i.e. Housley in SD39, Paul Anderson in SD44, Scott Jensen in SD47 and Dan Hall in SD56) and thus attain a majority. It's going to be difficult enough for incumbent Republican senators to win re-election in 2020 to say nothing of first time candidates.

I know where a fair amount of my campaign contributions are going next year.

- I really don't care that Nike has chosen to forgo a sneaker featuring an American flag logo in the motif of the one designed by Betsy Ross. And I'm certainly not going to unload invective on former NFL QB (and now Nike spokesperson) Colin Kaepernick for allegedly encouraging the shoe company to nix the idea.

In the end Nike is a business and, to be honest, a savvy one at that. How many national news stories have they been a part of over the past several days? Oh, and have you checked their stock price lately?

Well played, Nike.

- I was crestfallen to hear the news of former St Paul mayor and U.S. senator Norm Coleman having been diagnosed with cancer for a third time.

However, I soon thereafter became inspired when I read the frank but inspiring words written by.....Norm Coleman.

I can’t avoid my cancer.

But, I will not let it decide how I will live my life.

I am blessed with family and friends and caregivers who have given me countless reasons to know better than to let the demons of despair partner with the beast of cancer to bring me to my knees.

When I go to my knees it is in prayer. I’ve gone back to putting on Tefillin as part of my morning prayers.

Prayer for the blessings of modern medicine – thankful for the host of Prayer Warriors – thankful for a family that loves me – friends that sustain me – and countless other gifts of plenty that have given me an abundant life.

I firmly believe that in spite of this affliction I am immeasurably blessed.

There will be another battle against the beast and I am ready for it.

To the beast I say this to you: My war against cancer isn’t won.


That's the sign of a quality human being when he can make others feel uplifted and inspired about the horrific adversity that he himself is battling.

I've been praying almost daily over the past several months for Norm and his family. I certainly ain't stopping now.


Monday, July 01, 2019

Box Score of the Week

The 4th of July is this Thursday, so let's check out the Astros-Reds matchup from Independence Day 1980.


Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan is the all-time strikeouts leader with 5,714. In this game, as a member of the Houston Astros, Ryan recorded his 3,000 career K. 


Sunday, June 30, 2019

Here comes Johnny singing oldies, goldies....

It's the final day of June, so we'll attempt to go out of the month with a bang on this week's edition of my radio program The Closer. The 2-hour blitz gets started at 1:00 PM Central Time.

At 1:30, I will be joined by author Tara Ross, who will be on to promote her book "Why We Need the Electoral College.

Then at 2:00, Iowa and Minnesota Communications Director for the Republican National Committee Preya Samsundar will be in studio. Preya will discuss the first Democrat presidential debates from this past week as well as the national media finally catching on to Ilhan Omar's deceit that Preya and other locals reported on 2+ years ago. 

In the non-guest segments, I will weigh in on the southern border crisis as well as Congressional Dems' desire to cancel student loan debt. 

So please call (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics we plan on addressing.

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 or, if you're near downtown Minneapolis/West Metro area, 107.5 FM on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Alexa (just say "Alexa, play The Patriot Minneapolis")If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

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Until then.....


Thursday, June 27, 2019

The latest Venn diagram I'd like to see

*People who rejoiced over Miss America ditching the swimsuit competition due to it "sexually objectifying women."

*People who basically shout "SLAAAAAAYYYYYY QUEEN!!!" in support of young males dressing in drag and dancing among scantily clad adults.


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Miss Minnesota 2019

Last week was Miss Minnesota week!

For the fifth consecutive year I had the honor of being co-emcee for all three nights of competition. The week culminated this past Saturday with the crowning of a new Miss Minnesota.

I've come to know Kathryn Kueppers and her family pretty well over the past few years and consider them friends. In fact, Kathryn's mom Vicki (who still serves as a valued mentor within the Miss Minnesota organization) was crowned Miss MN back in 1983, which makes the two the first mother/daughter duo to be crowned as titleholders in this state. So it goes without saying that I was absolutely thrilled on Kathryn's behalf, particularly since she finished first runner up the previous year. To return to competition this year knowing that there was literally only one way to top last year's result had to be a tremendous amount of pressure. Nevertheless, Kathryn showed an incredible combination of poise, confidence and grace that goes well beyond her 21 years of age. And it was just enough to catapult her to victory in what was a formidable group of candidates.

Another tradition over the past five years is the newly crowned Miss Minnesota makes her first media appearance on my Sunday radio show.

As an added bonus, I was slated to be a guest co-host on the Up and At 'Em show podcast with Ben Kruse on Tuesday evening. So whom do you think we chose to be our main guest on that episode?

Congrats again, Kathryn. Enjoy every minute over the next 51+ weeks. You earned this!


Monday, June 24, 2019

Box Score of the Week

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw tosses a no-hitter against the Colorado Rockies on June 18, 2014.


Kershaw struck out 15 batters, which is a record in a no-hit game. 


Sunday, June 23, 2019

She fills up every corner like she's born in black and white.....

Another Sunday, yet another edition of The Northern Alliance Radio Network program The Closer. is on tap. The 2-hour broadcast gets started at 1:00 PM Central Time.

We'll weigh in on Kyle Kashuv having his Harvard enrollment rescinded over private racist texts sent as a 16-year old. Also, should burning an American flag be banned? President Trump and some conservative pundits believe so. 

At 1:30, we'll chat with cyber security D. Greg Scott, who will discuss the recent software breakdown involving Target store cash registers. 

Then at 2:30, newly crowned Miss Minnesota 2019 Kathryn Kueppers will stop by the Patriot bunker to discuss her new title and what's on tap for the next 364 days. 

So please call (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics we plan on addressing.

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 or, if you're near downtown Minneapolis/West Metro area, 107.5 FM on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Alexa (just say "Alexa, play The Patriot Minneapolis")If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #NARNShow or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

There will be literal riots in blue cities for days.....

.....if this scenario comes to fruition.


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Quick Hits: Volume CXCI

- I can't emphasize enough how grateful I am to have been a teenager in a pre social media era. But with social media being so ubiquitous today, it can result in mindless youthful indiscretions turning into life altering consequences.

For high profile Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School alum Kyle Kashuv, the verdict is a lost opportunity to study at an elite Ivy League institution.

He’s apologized repeatedly, publicly to the world and privately to Harvard, and offered to do so again in person after they rescinded his acceptance. No dice. A Twitter pal wondered: If it had been David Hogg instead of Kashuv who got caught sh*tposting as a younger teen, would that apology have been enough? Would Harvard at least have offered him a meeting?

Maybe not, actually. This isn’t the first time the school has rescinded an acceptance for outre Internet musings. Ten applicants lost their admissions two years ago when the school was made aware of a Facebook group chat populated by Harvard admittees that involved “images with captions that were racist and anti-Semitic and that made light of pedophilia, among other offensive themes.” They may have bounced Kashuv this time as matter of simple consistency, to show that a student with an unusually high public profile would receive no special exemption from precedent.

Either way, when you’re 18 and remorseful for something you did when you were 16, an apology should suffice for forgiveness in all cases not involving a felony. Harvard disagrees.

I can't defend Kashuv's use of the N-word when he was 16. However, I absolutely believe in redemption and there have been Americans who have gone on to make tremendous contributions to our country despite having done much worse things earlier in life.

This is once again a disturbing example of a society which believes one can't evolve and learn from the egregious mistakes one made as a younger person.

- We were told by the in-the-tank Trump supporters in 2016 that if we conservatives didn't hop on their bandwagon, the next President would look to erode our civil liberties.

And they were right.

-  So O.J. Simpson joined Twitter recently.

That first tweet was posted just three days before the 25th anniversary of Simpson hiding in the back seat of his pal Al Cowlings' white Ford Bronco while being pursued by several police cars on a southern California freeway. It was at that moment where Simpson was considered a fugitive of justice given an arrest warrant was issued for him in the murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. Earlier that day, Simpson lawyers Robert Shapiro and Robert Kardashian held a press conference essentially begging O.J. to turn himself in.

About seven years ago, David Burge (aka @Iowahawkblog, the best twitter follow out there IMO) summed up today's pop culture perfectly.




Monday, June 17, 2019

Box Score of the Week

New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox - September 21, 1956.


The Yankees left 20 runners on base, which is a record for a 9-inning game. 


Sunday, June 16, 2019

Masquerading as a man with a reason.....

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there! Here's hoping all you dads (and everyone else for that matter) tunes in to the Northern Alliance Radio Network for today's edition of The Closer. The 2-hour extravaganza gets started at 1:00 PM Central Time.

Right at 1:00, I will be joined by Jason Flohrs, who is the State Director for the Minnesota chapter of Americans for Prosperity. We'll discuss the legislation which was passed out of the special legislative session a few weeks ago as well as the prospects for another special session to address emergency insulin. 

In other segments, I will weigh in on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and her inability to avoid stepping on rakes. I will also discuss how Social Justice Warriors look to stifle free expression via judicial and legislative fiat. 

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 or, if you're near downtown Minneapolis/West Metro area, 107.5 FM on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Alexa (just say "Alexa, play The Patriot Minneapolis")If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #NARNShow or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Friday, June 14, 2019

Mission: possible

I will be guest hosting Lee Michaels Live this evening on The Patriot's sister station AM 980 KKMS (The Mission). The 2-hour broadcast gets started at 4:00 PM Central Time.

There will be lots of discussion regarding secularists' attempts to silence the Christian worldview as well as forcing acquiescence to secularism via legislative or judicial fiat.

At 4:30, I will welcome to the broadcast Joanna Hyatt, who is Director of Strategic Partnerships with the pro life organization Live Action.

Then at 5:00 PM CT, former Oklahoma Wesleyan University president Dr. Everett Piper will join the broadcast to discuss the misguided notions behind "pride" month, how Christians should navigate the culture war, etc. 

So please call (651) 289-4499 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics we plan on addressing.

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 980 on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Echo (just say "Alexa, play The Mission Minneapolis"). If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #NARNShow or "Like" our Northern Alliance Radio Network Facebook page.

Until then.....


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

When you've lost the Star Tribune.....

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has not even been in Congress half a year, but it feels like half a decade given she can't stay out of the news.

Because she and colleague Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) are the first ever female Muslim members of Congress, diversity-obsessed leftists often dismiss any criticism of them as racist, misogynistic or Islamophobic. In fact, these two freshman reps are so insulated from critiques that it was suggested using Omar's own words against her is tantamount to inciting violence.

So if you want any inkling how much difficulty Rep. Omar faces over campaign finance violations as well as marriage/tax fraud, the major Twin Cities newspaper in the heart of her Congressional District called her out.

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar is back in the news again, and not in a good way. The former state representative who won a seat in Congress last fall continues to be dogged by past missteps, this time eight violations of Minnesota campaign-finance law that will cost her nearly $3,500 in reimbursements and civil penalties.

So complex were the allegations that the state Campaign Finance Board spent nearly a year assessing the case, deposing staff people and former staff people, along with Omar herself. The investigation was broadened in October — just a month before her election to Congress — to look more deeply into the allegations. Board Executive Director Jeff Sigurdson said that between six and eight people were deposed separately.

In an October 2018 editorial, we called on Omar to more fully explain her travel and other expenses. We noted that the allegations “suggest a pattern of carelessness and/or self-dealing with legally restricted funds. Neither conclusion inspires the confidence voters deserve to have in someone they send to the U.S. House to represent them.”
Heh. She was running for U.S. House in Minnesota's CD 5, which is a D+22 district. Even if that matter had been resolved before the election, Omar still would've won handily.

It is even more disturbing, therefore, to learn that among the board’s latest findings was a troubling discovery that is far beyond its jurisdiction, but worthy of greater scrutiny nevertheless. Omar, for two years running, filed joint tax returns with a man she was living with but not legally married to. Complicating matters further, she was legally married to another man at the time.

It’s against the law in Minnesota to file jointly unless one filer is legally married to the other. Last year Omar told the Star Tribune that she had married her partner “in her faith,” and had earlier divorced her first husband “in her faith.” That’s fine for religious purposes. But for tax purposes, only civil marriages qualify. It’s not known whether she benefited materially by filing jointly. That is something that voters, who are obliged to follow tax laws no matter how painful, are entitled to know.

Again, true but irrelevant. Whatever name is next to "DFL" gets, minimum, 65% in that district. I highly doubt it would have adversely affected her election prospects.

It’s not too much to expect that a lawmaker would check with a tax attorney on a rather complicated marital status before filing. And when questions arise, it’s a violation to use campaign funds to clear up those personal issues, as Omar apparently did. The Campaign Finance Board has ordered that she reimburse her campaign $3,469 for violations related to her tax returns and non-campaign travel costs. She must also pay a $500 civil penalty.

Omar is no stranger to controversy. As a new state House member, she collected $2,500 in speaking fees — $2,000 from Normandale Community College and $500 from Inver Hills Community College — for appearances made shortly after she took office. Rep. Steve Drazkowski, R-Mazeppa, who publicly noted that state law prohibits legislators from collecting such fees from groups that have business before the Legislature, made that public, and Omar returned the money. Drazkowski also filed the latest complaint. “It’s very clear there are huge ethical problems with Rep. Omar,” he told an editorial writer, adding that the House should consider an ethics investigation.

Whoa, whoa! What's with all the incitement there, Rep. Drazkowski?!?!? Using someone's faux pas against them is equivalent to whipping up the mob don'cha know.

If this pattern continues, further investigation may be necessary. Omar could have avoided nearly every infraction by taking simple measures in advance to determine whether her actions would pass legal muster. In its findings, the board noted that Minnesota “House Research staff did explain that generally when they discuss whether a member can accept something of value, for example, travel and lodging reimbursement ... they discuss whether that would violate the gift prohibition,” but do not advise. “Rather, they commonly refer members to the Board. The Omar committee did not contact Board staff ... on the appropriateness of using committee funds for the travel reviewed in this investigation.”

Omar’s political rise has been marred by a series of unforced errors, including intemperate remarks and tweets earlier this year that were widely perceived as anti-Semitic. Every month seems to bring a fresh problem.

Well it took until the second-to-last paragraph, but Omar's blatant anti-Semitism is finally referenced. It's disgraceful that it's almost a footnote to her financial troubles, especially since she represents a city (St. Louis Park) where a significant portion of Minnesota's Jewish population resides.

As an elected representative for Minnesota and one of the first Muslim women and Somali refugees elected to Congress, Omar is helping to break new ground. But more is expected of her than the symbolism attached to her victory. Omar has a special obligation to be worthy of the trust so many have placed in her, including many still-new Americans who expect better.

Bingo! Omar's candidacy was always long on symbolism (i.e. the potential to be the first Muslim female in Congress) and woefully short on substance. Unfortunately electing such a candidate often leads to horrible policy ideas and resounding blunders. Heh. Come to think of it, that sounds like an apt characterization of a certain other proggie cult of personality.


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Quick Hits: Volume CXC

- Today's "progressives" perfectly embody the proverb "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." 

The latest lunacy?

The push by several NBA teams to remove the title "owner" from the person who purchases and manages the team has earned the praise of social justice warrior and the wokest of woke rapper, Common.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, the politically outspoken performer said the term owner "never sat right with me."

"I'm so pleased," Common told the outlet. "The term owner — it didn't sit right with me. The history of what we have and we are as black people in this country ... it's just not really being considerate of the history."

The title "owner" refers to a person owning a sports franchise and all the rights associated with it. To define that as owning human beings is beyond asinine. The relationship between owner and player is similar to that of, say, the CEO of Target and an IT professional at Target headquarters. And to imply either of those relationships are even the slightest resemblance to a slave owner and slave is to trivialize what slaves endured.

Have I mentioned lately that we live in very stupid times???

- Here is a headline from the Washington Post on June 7:

Dodgeball is tool of 'oppression' used to 'dehumanize' others, researchers argue.

Aaaaaaand three days later from The Hill:

Michelle Obama to lead female celebrity dodgeball team in 'Late Late Show' face-off.

Those damn leftists and their science denials.

- This reads like a Martin Scorsese movie.

Police in the Dominican Republic believe former Boston Red Sox star David 'Big Papi' Ortiz was shot by two cops hired by a Dominican Republic drug lord who believed the baseball player was having an affair with his wife, DailyMail.com has learned.

Three law enforcement sources confirmed the motive on Monday as Ortiz, 43, recovered in the hospital.

The drug lord has not been named.

On Monday, Ortiz's representative Leo Lopez denied that the shooting had anything to do with a woman but said it was the act of 'hired' killers.

'There is no doubt that it was an act of hired killers.

'If we had known that there was a dangerous situation, he would not have been there at that moment,' Leo Lopez told Diario Libre.

Ortiz has since been flown to Mass General in Boston where additional procedures have taken place. He is now being reported as "stable."

Between an American woman being brutally assaulted, an American couple found dead in their hotel room and multiple individuals mysteriously dying or becoming violently ill, the Dominican Republic should pretty much be avoided when considering a foreign vacation destination.


Monday, June 10, 2019

Box Score of the Week

Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres - April 14, 1986.


In a Hall of Fame career comprising of 2,440 games, the Padres' Tony Gwynn struck out three times in a game only once --- that April 1986 contest vs. the Dodgers.


Sunday, June 09, 2019

Second time around, I'm still believing words that you said.....

Another Sunday, which means yet another edition of my radio program The Closer. The 2-hour broadcast gets started at 1:00 PM Central Time.

I definitely want to weigh in on the arrest of Scot Peterson, the armed resource officer who failed to engage an active shooter in the Parkland, FL school shooting 16 months ago. If precedents are any indication, he likely will not be convicted.

At 1:45, Salem Communications-Twin Cities General Manager Nic Anderson will check in to promote Saturday's AM 1280 The Patriot event with keynote speaker Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

Then at 2:30, NY Post columnist Karol Markowicz will join the broadcast. On an episode of The Daily Show this past week, Karol (who was born in the Soviet Union) was featured in a segment used to whitewash Bernie Sanders' socialism. She will be on to explain how Sen. Sanders is completely misguided about what he's looking to implement should be become President of the United States.

So please call (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics we plan on addressing.

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 or, if you're near downtown Minneapolis/West Metro area, 107.5 FM on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Alexa (just say "Alexa, play The Patriot Minneapolis")If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #NARNShow or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Thursday, June 06, 2019


Anybody else notice something a little off???


Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Everyone considered him the coward of (Broward) county

It's been nearly 16 months since the the tragedy at Parkland, Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where a gunman killed 17 people. In the time frame since the shooting, there has been an investigation into the actions (or non actions) of Scot Peterson, the armed resource officer on the campus who didn't enter the school to confront the gunman.

On Tuesday, it was determined that Peterson will be criminally charged for his abdication of duty.

For more than a year after the February 2018 attack in Parkland, Fla., grieving parents have demanded that Mr. Peterson — along with the gunman who killed 17 and injured 17 — be held accountable in what would prove to be one of the nation’s worst school shootings. On Tuesday, law enforcement responded with a sweeping list of charges that resulted in Mr. Peterson’s arrest. His alleged crime: failing to protect the students.

America’s long history of mass shootings have brought a variety of responses: Calls for tighter gun laws, civil lawsuits against companies that manufacture guns and firearm components
(none of which would deter a motivated spree killer - ed.), collective mourning. But Tuesday’s charges represented a highly unusual case of a lawman arrested for failing to save lives.

I'm not certain if Peterson will ultimately be found criminally liable since there have been past legal decisions stating that law enforcement does not have a constitutional duty to protect citizens from harm. So if indeed Peterson is not convicted, it will only fortify vigilance in the Second Amendment. A non-conviction will also fly in the face of a prolific gun-grabbers chanting point of "only law enforcement and military should be allowed to handle guns."

I don't believe it's a dramatic overstatement to say a lot will be riding on this case -- legally and politically. 


Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Monday, June 03, 2019

Quick Hits: Volume CLXXXIX

- In 2018, the United States had "a five-year high in approvals of citizenship applications." Leftist narratives hardest hit.

Those numbers contradict the criticisms of congressional Democrats who had complained about backlogs building at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Homeland Security branch that handles legal immigration.

The new report also suggests that far from a crackdown, the government is processing more asylum-seeker petitions than any of the last four years. That included a 61 percent increase from 2017 to 2018 in affirmative asylum applications — though refugee interviews are down from more than 1250,000 in 2016, the last year under President Barack Obama, to just 26,400 in fiscal year 2018 under President Trump.

Still, when the whole panoply of humanitarian programs is considered — asylum, refugees, crime victim visas, Temporary Protected Status and screening for credible fear or reasonable fear of persecution — the numbers were 32 percent higher than fiscal year 2017. Credible fear and reasonable fear are first steps on the asylum track.

Whenever leftists chided the political right as being "anti-immigrant," most righties were quick to correct them by emphasizing we're anti illegal immigration. Hence, the vapid proggie retort of "no human is illegal" (accept if they're in the womb of course). It's an attempt to divert from the fact there is a legitimate crisis at the southern border, so obfuscation is the left's go-to tactic.

As a certain wise man once said - "Facts don't care about your feelings."

- I can't emphasize enough that President Trump labeling media outlets "Enemy of the people" is highly inappropriate.

However, when certain media types pull stunts like doxxing (or threatening to dox) private citizens who show even tacit approval of Trump (See here, here and here)? They sure as hell aren't showing themselves as "allies."

- Sentencing has been handed down in a high profile incident which occurred at the Mall of America nearly two months ago.

The man who pleaded guilty to throwing a 5-year-old boy off a third-story balcony at the Mall of America was sentenced to 19 years in prison Monday.

Emmanuel Aranda stood in court listening to victim impact statements being read by a prosecutor, tears welling in his eyes. Of that 19-year sentence, Minnesota law mandates that he serve 12 of them, with 53 days off for time served.

When given the opportunity to make a statement or apologize to the family of his victim, Aranda said nothing.

In mid-May the 24-year-old pleaded guilty to first degree attempted murder in the case, in exchange for an agreed-upon sentence of 19 years.

Amazingly there are some silver linings to this story. First off, it appears the victim (identified only as "Landen") is recovering (albeit slowly) and that upcoming procedures are related to “non-life threatening complications.” And secondly, Landen's mother showed the kind of grace and compassion which should serve as a sterling example to us all.

"I want you to know I forgive you, not because what you did was OK, not because I want to, but because God wants me to," she wrote. "I refuse to be full of anger and hatred. I refuse to let you let you take my joy. My sweet precious baby, my amazing gift from God is going to be OK."

More evidence of how God can take any horrible, ugly situation and make it beautiful. Continued prayers to Landen and his family.


Box Score of the Week

Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals - June 25, 2015.


Atlanta outfielder Nick Markakis committed an error, breaking a streak of 398 consecutive games without a fielding miscue. That streak is a record for non-pitchers. 


Sunday, June 02, 2019

Break it up, break it down. All this bad news keeps on hanging' around.....

It was the first weekend in June 8 years ago when I debuted my show on the Northern Alliance Radio Network. We're still at it, so be sure to tune in today for another edition of The Closer, which gets started at 1:00 PM Central Time.

It's a guest intensive show this week:

- At 1:00 PM, Peter Johnson of Archway Defense will weigh in on the mass shooting at a Virginia Beach municipal office and how leftist calls for gun legislation are misguided. 

- Then at 1:30, MN state senator (and longtime friend of the broadcast) Karin Housley (R-St. Mary's Point) will check in to recap the end of the MN legislative session. She'll also do a proverbial victory lap over her elder care legislation passing. 

- Finally at 2:00 PM, political wonk Matt Mackowiak will join the broadcast to discuss the presser put on this past week by special counsel Robert Mueller and what (if anything) it means for the prospects of impeaching President Trump.

So please call (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics we plan on addressing.

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 or, if you're near downtown Minneapolis/West Metro area, 107.5 FM on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Alexa (just say "Alexa, play The Patriot Minneapolis")If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #NARNShow or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Friday, May 31, 2019

13 dead in Virginia Beach; Gun Free Zone the likely suspect

Yes I often convey that it's best for all the facts to come out in a mass shooting before making definitive statements. However, gun grabbers have an impeccable track record of being flat out wrong when casting aspersions yet never are called on it, thus they never deem it necessary to apologize.

So if I'm wrong in my assumption that the Virginia Public Works office is a "gun free zone" (I'm likely not though), so be it.

A longtime city employee shot and killed 12 people and injured four others after opening fire Friday afternoon in the public works building, making it the country's deadliest mass shooting this year.

Police said officers killed the man, whom they did not name, after he fired at them in the city's scenic Municipal Center in Princess Anne, a campus of about 30 brick Colonial-style buildings.

The four injured were all in surgery Friday, Police Chief James Cervera said during a news conference a couple of hours after the massacre.

One officer was shot during the exchange but was saved by his bulletproof vest, the chief said.

Naturally the 2020 Dem candidates for President were quick to politicize this shooting.

So is it too much to ask to offer up prayers of peace and comfort for the loved ones of those killed as well as pray for healing of those injured in this shooting? If so......I don't care a flip. I'm doin' it anyways.


Thursday, May 30, 2019

First Pitch chronicles

By now you have likely seen the viral video of a Chicago White Sox employee throwing out the ceremonial first pitch prior to Tuesday's game against the Kansas City Royals.

If not, here's a look.

The cameraman and his camera both emerged unscathed.

Closed circuit to White Sox employee Mary Ruich as well as Carly Rae Jepsen, 50 Cent and Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate. If there's ever an occasion where you're called upon to redeem yourself for previous first pitch disasters, gimme a shout. I may not throw strikes but I can at least get the ball to home plate.


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Well, actually.......

It's become more clear over the past several years that the Associated Press is less a news source and more a "progressive" transcript service.

From the AP Twitter feed on Tuesday:

Flashback to January when Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) signed into law the "Reproductive" "Health" Act which could potentially allow abortions up to moments before birth.

So if you consider "muted" the equivalent of lighting in pink the spire atop one of the world's tallest and most renown buildings, then absolutely.


Monday, May 27, 2019

Box Score of the Week

It's only appropriate I feature a game from a past Memorial Day. The New York Giants hosted the Boston Braves on May 28, 1951.


The legendary Willie Mays hit the first of his 660 career home runs on Memorial Day in 1951.


Sunday, May 26, 2019

I heard he sang a good song, I heard he had a style.....

It's Memorial Day weekend where we commemorate those who paid the ultimate price to defend freedom and liberty for this greatest nation on God's green earth. We'll be live for today's edition of The Closer from 1:00 until 3:00 PM Central Time.

The 2019 Minnesota Legislative session finally wrapped up yesterday morning, so we'll recap the chaos surrounding its conclusion.

Then at 1:30 I will be joined by Louis Dennard and Rev. Tim Christopher of The African American Heritage Gun Club. Among the myriad topics we'll discuss include 2nd Amendment issues (natch), violence within the black community and elected officials' seeming lack of concern, their frustrations with the National Rifle Association, etc.

So please call (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics we plan on addressing.

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 or, if you're near downtown Minneapolis/West Metro area, 107.5 FM on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Alexa (just say "Alexa, play The Patriot Minneapolis")If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #NARNShow or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Friday, May 24, 2019

It's my birthday!

So how old am I?


Tis true! In fact, my mother tells me I was born at 5:41 AM on May 24, 1969. So given the time stamp of this post, I am now officially closer to my 100th birthday than I am the day of my birth. 😳

Yep. Life indeed does move pretty fast.


Thursday, May 23, 2019

Bringing a rubber band to a knife fight (rhetorically speaking)

Protip: If you're attempting to rhetorically "dunk on" someone who is by far morally and intellectually superior to yourself, it can't possibly end well for you.

But in her defense, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is utterly vacuous.


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

This is what attacking press freedom looks like

When President Donald Trump chides the media as "Fake News" or "Enemy of the People," it is undeniably petulant. I daresay it can even be labeled as inappropriate. But to convey it as an "attack on press freedom" is a bit hyperbolic since media outlets are neither prevented from nor punished for actually doing their jobs, even when being highly critical of the Trump administration.

But this? This would be a legit charge of attacking freedom of the press.

The banging jolted Bryan Carmody awake. Outside his San Francisco home Friday morning, the longtime journalist saw a throng of police officers with a sledgehammer, trying to break down his front gate.

Carmody told the eight to 10 officers he would only let them in with a search warrant. Police confirmed a judge signed off on their barging into his home. Then the officers drew their guns and scoured his residence. When police left, they carted away his notebooks, computers, cameras, phones and even his fiancee’s iPod from her college days.

“I knew what they wanted,” Carmody told The Times. “They wanted the name.”

A few weeks before, he said two San Francisco police officers — a sergeant and a lieutenant — knocked on his door and “cordially” asked him to identify the source who shared a confidential police report into the Feb. 22 death of San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi.

“Of course, I politely declined,” Carmody said of the visit from police last month. He had the same response Friday.

After police came into his home, officers handcuffed him for six hours as they collected his equipment. A receipt certifying his release from custody confirms he was handcuffed from 8:22 a.m. to 1:55 p.m. The search warrant for his home said officers were investigating “stolen or embezzled” property.

It was unclear whether he was handcuffed because of the guns he says he legally owns. Carmody said the guns were locked in a safe, and he said that over the hours-long search, it was evident officers didn’t view him as a threat. At one point, some police took off their bulletproof vests on account of the heat, he said.

While he was shackled, officers got a second warrant to search his newsroom, where police seized a thumb drive, CDs and, inside a safe, the sought-after police report about Adachi’s death.

Carmody, 49, said he has not shared the name of his source with anyone, and no markings on the document could be traced to the person who provided it.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed's reaction:

Journalist Yashar Ali rightly characterizes the outrage all journos should be conveying.

So next time the smarmy Jim Acosta or the insufferable April Ryan are not called upon during a White House press briefing and thus engage in their obligatory thumb-sucking, it's perfectly appropriate to say "Folks, you're no Bryan Carmody."


Monday, May 20, 2019

Didn't see that comin'

For the entire first hour of this past Sunday's radio show, I discussed the 2019 Minnesota legislative session with Americans for Prosperity State Director Jason Flohrs. Given the DFL (which controls the governor's office and House of Representatives) was digging in on a 20 cents per gallon tax increase as well as myriad other hikes resulting in $12 billion of increases, I saw no possible way an agreement could be reached on a state budget by 11:59 PM Monday evening. Jason agreed with me, so we made tentative plans for him to come back on the broadcast when an inevitable special session of the Legislature was called by Gov. Tim Walz.

Then on Sunday evening I was scheduled to guest host on the Up and At 'Em podcast with Ben Kruse. As I awaited Ben's arrival I was scrolling through Twitter when I saw a few blurbs indicating Gov. Walz and legislative leaders had reached agreement on a budget. Upon Ben's arrival, we settled in to the studio and watched multiple live press conferences where the leaders spelled out terms of the agreement.

“Today we prove that divided government can work for the betterment of the people we serve,” said Gov. Tim Walz, who announced the budget plan with Republican Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka and Democratic House Speaker Melissa Hortman. “Instead of dysfunction, shutdowns and yelling we have a compromise agreement. … We’re still friends.”

Under the plan, spending will rise about $1 billion over the projected base budget of $47.4 billion for 2020-2021. The current budget is $45.5 billion and expires June 30.

The budget was expected to grow by nearly $2 billion if lawmakers changed nothing because of inflation, increased population and new and expanding state programs.

The deal also includes a quarter percent cut in the second tier of the state’s income tax. The rate will fall from 7.05 percent to 6.8 percent by 2022.

That and stopping the gas tax were big wins for Gazelka.

“Minnesota is finally going to see income taxes go down for the first time in 20 years,” Gazelka said. “Stopping the gas tax increase was one of our top priorities, and I’m pleased Governor Walz and House Democrats ultimately listened to the people of Minnesota and rejected this approach.”

In addition, the latest public safety omnibus bill included no gun control.

So if I had been told that a budget deal would be reached before Monday night, I would have been skeptical. But if it had also been conveyed to me that not only would a deal be reached but said budget would also include no new gas tax, a middle class tax cut and no gun control provisions, I would have asked what the GOP had to give up in order to receive those concessions.


(The pact) continues a tax on health care providers that Republicans wanted to allow to sunset, but the rate falls from 2 percent to 1.8 percent.

(House Minority Leader Kurt) Daudt said his members are unhappy the provider tax is not going away and will want to air their frustrations during the final debates. “I think this is a failure of this deal,” Daudt said. “We are incredibly disappointed that is the end result.”

There's a reason why Democrats were willing to concede so much in an effort to continue the provider tax (aka a "sick tax"). Rep. Peggy Scott (R-Andover) encapsulated the GOP's frustration.

"By not getting rid of the sick tax they are paving the way for a funding mechanism for single payer healthcare in Minnesota.

The Dems play the long game, folks. Don’t be deceived. They were willing to let go of the gas tax and a lot of policy to keep the provider tax. They will continue to push their One Care single payer plan. Mark my words. Sadly (the) GOP senate fell for it."

All 201 seats in the Minnesota Legislature will be up for election in 2020. Seems to me a lot of campaign narratives were established with this latest budget agreement.


Box Score of the Week

Colorado Rockies at Miami Marlins - June 20, 2016.


This game set an MLB record for most home runs (eight) in a game in which all the runs were scored on solo homers. 


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Meet me down by the jetty landing.....

The calendar says May 19 but if feels more like mid March. Regardless, the 2-hour edition of The Closer will be bringing the heat, starting at 1:00 PM Central Time.

Right at 1:00 PM I will be joined by Jason Flohrs, State Director of the Minnesota chapter of American For Prosperity. With the current MN legislative session slated to end late Monday evening, we'll discuss what work remains and if conservatives will be able to thwart the DFL's attempts to hike taxes.

Then in the 2:00 hour I will weigh in on the latest pro-life legislation passed in southern states and how stunningly bias the media is in covering these in comparison to the pro-death legislation passed in New York and proposed in Virginia.

So please call (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics we plan on addressing.

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 or, if you're near downtown Minneapolis/West Metro area, 107.5 FM on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Alexa (just say "Alexa, play The Patriot Minneapolis")If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #NARNShow or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Big wheels keep on turning.....

Sh*t just got real in the latest battle of the Culture War.

Alabama’s new law restricting abortion in nearly every circumstance has moved one of the most polarizing issues in American politics to the center of the 2020 presidential campaign.

The state’s legislation — the toughest of several anti-abortion measures that have passed recently, with the only exception being a serious risk to the woman’s health — prompted an outcry from Democratic presidential candidates, who warned that conservatives were laying the groundwork to undermine the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. The White House, meanwhile, didn’t comment on the Alabama bill, signed into law Wednesday by Republican Gov. Kay Ivey, as President Donald Trump tries to balance his conservative base against the potential of antagonizing women who are already skeptical of his presidency.

For the record, I am staunchly pro life and thus oppose abortion at any juncture during a pregnancy. But that said, I have a difficult time demanding that a woman endure a pregnancy which is the result of a rape. And I certainly am not one to shame a young lady for making what I'm certain is a heart-wrenching decision to terminate a pregnancy for any reason. That's why I've felt the best way to severely limit (and ultimately eradicate) the number of abortions being performed is by changing hearts and minds. For example, seeing an ultrasound of the baby certainly goes a long way in appealing to a pregnant woman's sensibilities about whether she's carrying a viable human being inside her.

A couple of other thoughts:

- Given the abortion-on-demand bill which passed in New York (and was proposed in Virginia) mobilized the pro-life crowd, I suspect this Alabama law will have a similar impact among the pro abortion "choice" folks. Sure, those who tout "progressive" causes tend to be louder and much more well-funded, but they also have on their side a willing media complex to shout their chanting points. I guess we should be prepared for more Handmaids costumes to fly off shelves.

- Speaking of chanting points:

Conveniently left out of the "Handmaid's Tale" narrative is the fact the sponsor of this bill was Rep. Terri Collins....a woman. And the person who signed this legislation into law was Gov. Kay Ivey. Yep. Also a woman. Oh, maybe attend a pro life rally one of these days. You'll undoubtedly find the majority of advocates are indeed....**wait for it. wait for it**.....WOMEN!

Nice try though.


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Gun control dead?

Some rare good news out of St. Paul these days.

Two gun-control measures deemed a top priority by Minnesota DFL lawmakers this session were dealt an all-but-fatal blow Tuesday after they failed to advance on a party-line vote.

Coming after three hours of debate, the result appeared to stymie efforts by gun-control advocates to expand criminal-background checks to private gun sales
(*and* transfers, which gun control advocates conveniently leave out of their diatribes - ed.) and create a “red flag” law that would allow authorities to temporarily confiscate firearms from people considered a threat to themselves or others (without the accused receiving due process - ed.).

The gun proposals, similar to federal proposals that have divided Congress, came to a head when Sen. Warren Limmer, R-Maple Grove, called for a vote on whether to add them to a broader spending bill being assembled by members from both the House and Senate.

The gambit paid off for Limmer, who earlier expressed deep reservations about both policy proposals: Members of the joint conference committee on the public safety budget split 5-5 along party lines and failed to add either measure to the spending bill.

“I’ve always regarded controversial policies in budget bills as something we really shouldn’t do
(so did the DFL --- until this session apparently - ed.) because it gums up the work,” Limmer said after Tuesday’s meeting. “Let’s tear the Band-Aid off and get at it.”

The "gun control" issue was one which many DFLers claimed had upwards of "90% support" among Minnesotans yet the substantial Dem majority in the House never took a vote on the standalone bills. Seems to me that something which has that kind of overwhelming support could easily get through the House but then could be hung around the necks of the GOP controlled Senate if they voted down the legislation. Why it's almost as if folks like Rob Doar of the MN Gun Owners Caucus was shining a light on the DFL's blatant obfuscation regarding the two bills thus making Dems.....ahem...."gun shy" in bringing them up for votes.

Regardless, the leftist chanting points will remain the same.

Rep. Dave Pinto, DFL-St. Paul, chief author of the background check bill, later characterized the vote as an effort by Minnesota Republicans to stymie new gun legislation.

“Today, they chose not to move forward on two gun-safety measures despite broad public support,” Pinto said. “That is deeply disappointing to thousands of families who have been touched by gun violence and expect action.”

You want action, Rep. Pinto? You might wanna study what has taken place over the past quarter century. As Doar pointed out during this testimony in the conference committee, "Minnesota violent crime rates has dropped 50% over the last 25 years while gun ownership permits to carry has sky rocketed.” Seems to me the answer is right in front of you.


Monday, May 13, 2019

Box Score of the Week

New York Yankees at Milwaukee Brewers - April 10, 1976.


Trailing 9-6 in the bottom of the 9th inning with the bases loaded and no outs, Don Money of the Brewers came to the plate. He appeared to hit a game-winning grand slam home run off Yanks pitcher Dave Pagan to give Milwaukee a dramatic victory but the home run was disallowed. After deliberation among the umpires, it was ruled that Yankees first baseman Chris Chambliss called for (and was granted) time right before Pagan delivered that fateful pitch. Money ended up flying out to right field. 

The Brewers did score one in the 9th but it wasn't enough as the Yanks prevailed 9-7.


Sunday, May 12, 2019

On assignment

I am currently out of town for my day job, so I will not be airing my weekly radio program today. My friend and Northern Alliance Radio Network colleague Mitch Berg will be taking my place from 1:00 until 3:00 PM Central Time.

So please call (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the Mitch plans on addressing.

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 or, if you're near downtown Minneapolis/West Metro area, 107.5 FM on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Alexa (just say "Alexa, play The Patriot Minneapolis")If you're unable to tune in live, please check out Mitch's podcast page for the latest show post.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #NARNShow or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Thursday, May 09, 2019

On cue

I would be willing to bet that most American newspapers' Editorial Boards have basic templates in place to respond to instances of gun violence against children. Just add the location & number of fatalities and you have your obligatory gun-grabber screed. And because the same vapid chanting points are usually regurgitated in response to these tragic events, they rarely (if ever) are relevant to the specific incident which EBs attempt to demagogue.

On Wednesday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune decided to take a swing at the shooting incident which occurred at a Colorado STEM school the day before (a shame their instant reaction wasn't lauding a genuine hero). And as is the mainstream media's wont, the Strib offered up suggestions of new laws which would do nothing to address what they believe is an epidemic.

Rob Doar, Political Director with the MN Gun Owners Caucus, was having none of it.

You can always count on those pushing for gun control to capitalize on the emotions of the public in the wake of a tragedy to push their agenda.

The simple fact is that Colorado ALREADY HAS Red Flag Confiscation and Universal Background Checks... and they DID NOT PREVENT THE TRAGEDY.

Citing the shooting in Colorado as some sort of urgency to pass Red Flags and UBCs here in MN is nothing short of ignorance and intellectual dishonesty.

The continued intellectual dishonesty by those embracing the non-sequitur of gun control and public safety will be a perpetual hindrance to any efforts to actually make our schools safer, reduce suicides, and address the repeat violent criminals who repeatedly escape justice.

But... that's not really what they want.

The DFL in both chambers have been demonizing (and in the House, actually voting AGAINST) the bipartisan efforts to improve school safety, increase penalties for repeat offenders, provide funding for mental health resources, school security assessments, and many more items that would actually have a benefit to public safety.

Why? Because they don't go "far enough". At least that's what they say. But, it's not true.

Democrats don't want to give Republicans a "win" on this issue. They will continue to vote down and block good ideas, because, to them, a Republican passing a good public safety policy is a bad thing.

They have their eyes on growing the metro-centric DFL majority and plan to use this issue as a drum to beat in the 2020 elections.

Those pushing for these measures will feign lament about the impasse at the legislature. They groan about Republican inaction, despite the fact that there is broad, bipartisan opposition to these bills in both chambers.

They capitalize on tragedy to demand irrelevant, ineffective, and divisive legislation, not because they actually care about public safety, but because they want more power.

And they don't care about lying and misleading to get it.

Whether it's their stance on guns, the economy or abortion, the political left has proven time and again that they are absolutely not above obfuscation or flat-out fabrication in an effort to enact a "progressive" agenda.


Tuesday, May 07, 2019

What do you see?

Check out this picture.

Me personally? It was the elephant, natch! Of course I assumed it had to do with my political leanings. But the website Bright Side has a different perspective.

If the elephant is the animal you saw first, you are very genuine and care deeply about everything around you. You are loyal, responsible, and your family and friends can always rely on you. If they need help, they know exactly who to talk to. And somehow you always find a way to find a solution and fix the issue. You are not just a good listener, you are an unbeatable problem-solver.

Your family and friends are always your first priority and you feel good when the people around you feel good.

I'll accept that. 😊