Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Quick Hits: Volume CCXXXIV

- Lefty legal analyst (and confirmed dirt bag) Jeffrey Toobin let it all hang out during an online video meeting on last week. 

Vice reported earlier Monday that Toobin had exposed himself during a Zoom meeting with staffers of the New Yorker and WNYC radio.

In a statement Monday afternoon, the New Yorker said Toobin had been "suspended while we investigate the matter." It declined further comment. A CNN spokesperson said in a statement that "Jeff Toobin has asked for some time off while he deals with a personal issue, which we have granted."

Toobin told Vice that he "made an embarrassingly stupid mistake, believing I was off-camera," adding, "I apologize to my wife, family, friends and co-workers."

In the radio biz, we're always told the best way to avoid saying something objectionable in the studio is to assume your microphone is always "hot." So in the era where video conferencing is so pervasive, always assume the camera is on. 

So Toobin thought the camera was off. I guess I can buy that. But this opens up a larger question, specifically was he in the habit of doing this regularly when his video was muted? On second thought....I don't wanna know. 

- The World Series begins Tuesday evening with the Tampa Bays Rays taking on the Los Angeles Dodgers. It's a matchup of the haves (Dodgers) and the have-nots (Rays) in terms of payroll. Many would have preferred to see a rematch of the 2017 series pitting the Houston Asterisks Astros against the Dodgers, specifically because many L.A. faithful believe the Astros' cheating their way through the '17 season helped put them over the top that year. But whatever, I love this matchup. 

I'm going with the Dodgers to capture their first World Series title in 31 years. I say L.A. in six. 

- Failed Democrat presidential candidate Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren made a visit to Minnesota this past weekend on behalf of the Joe Biden presidential campaign. Each of three events she attended were sparsely populated, but the Biden campaign (as well as MN Democrats) insisted none were open to the public due to COVID. 

Recently President Trump's campaign significantly reduced ad buys in Minnesota and Wisconsin, yet you can't go an entire hour of prime time TV viewing in the Twin Cities/Western Wisconsin without a Biden pitch. So if Biden truly has Minnesota in the bag like every Democrat presidential candidate has since 1976, why is there so much focus on this state? And why would a supposedly environmentally conscious U.S. Senator like Warren burn so much jet fuel to attend three minuscule events in Minnesota? 

I'm still very skeptical that Trump prevails in Minnesota, but it's clear the Dems are privy to what they consider worrisome polling data.


Monday, October 19, 2020

It was a legendary run

 I think Star Tribune columnist Patrick Reusse summed it up best. 

Also, I don't believe I have to clarify who "Sid" is. Like Bud or Harmon or Kirby, just the first name "Sid" sufficed whenever the conversation steered to the Minnesota sports scene. 

I often joked about Sid Hartman's longevity and how he reminded me of the character Paul Edgecomb in the movie The Green Mile, in that he was tabbed to outlive everybody he ever knew. However, in this era of COVID-19, a lot of things have happened prematurely.

From Sid's son Chad Hartman

“I want to make it clear — he didn’t die from COVID — but COVID took away the enjoyment from his life by making him stay home,” his son said later. “It took away the chance to see the people he liked. It took away his zest, not being able to go four, five different places every day and to laugh, to get on people and have them get on him.”

I also surmised over the years that if Sid ever quit working he wouldn't last more than a year. From everything I've gathered in the decades since I first became aware of this giant figure is that he desperately needed validation despite being on a first name basis with literal Hall of Famers in multiple sports. As such, a simple declaration of "Rest in peace, Sid" would, per Reusse, be considered the ultimate insult. 

I was in the middle of doing my weekly radio program on Sunday afternoon when news of Sid's passing became public. My phone was blowing up with messages from family and friends who were well aware of my fascination with Sid, including the first time I ever met him in person. A number of years ago I participated in the 4th annual Sid Hartman Sound Alike Contest. I was chosen as one of eight contestants to perform a two-minute bit imitating Sid in front of the crowd gathered at the WCCO broadcast center at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. From there, the panel of judges would select the three best impersonations to compete for the ultimate prize in the finals: A personal dinner with Sid at Murray's (the running joke was "What do the losers get? Two dinners with Sid?").

I was the first of eight contestants that day. Emcee and WCCO radio host John Williams asked if I listen to Sid's sports updates regularly on 'CCO. I quipped, "Eh. As little as possible." Upon the audience erupting in laughter, Sid turned to meteorologist Mike Lynch (who was serving as one of the judges) and asked what I had said. When Lynch conveyed that information to him, Sid turned to me and said "That took care of you, you aren't gonna win." Alas, he was correct.

Before the contest even started, all eight participants were gathered inside the 'CCO booth to receive some general instructions from the promotions guy. Shortly thereafter, Charlie Boone (he of the legendary Boone & Erickson 'CCO morning show) came to introduce himself to us. As he chatted with we contestants, Mr. Boone indicated that this particular contest would likely be the final one (it was) and that we should enjoy Sid as much as possible. Charlie's rationale was that, given Sid's advanced age, he probably would not be up to venturing out to the MN State Fair as often, if at all.

That was in 1995. Twenty Five years ago. Sid literally worked until he died, as his final column was published in Sunday's Star Tribune. 

One friend in particular who reached out to me Sunday was Ben Kruse of the Up And At' Em Show podcast. Ben invited myself and fellow Sid admirer Kelly Gunderson on Monday morning's podcast to share our remembrances (check it out here. Our segment begins about 42 minutes in). 

The phrase "There will never be another like him" gets overused. But in the case of Sid Hartman, it couldn't be more spot on. 



Box Score of the Week (Final one of 2020)

The World Series matchup is now set, so let's take a look at a Fall Classic contest this week. Game 7 of the 2017 series featuring the Houston Asterisks Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers.


Sunday, October 18, 2020

You're funny and you don't know why......

A mere 16 days until Election Day, so the weekly Northern Alliance Radio Network broadcasts are getting busier. Today's edition of my radio show The Closer gets started at 1:00 PM Central Time. 

It's a guest intensive show today: 

- 1:30 - MN State Senator Karin Housley, who is seeking reelection in MN SD39 (Forest Lake, St. Croix River Valley area). 

- 1:45 - Dan Schneider, Executive Director with the American Conservative Union, will join the broadcast to promote CPAC-Minnesota taking place this Thursday, October 22 in Prior Lake. 

 - 2:00 - Zach Duckworth, MN State Senate candidate in MN SD58 (Farmington, Lakeville)

- 2:30 - Pam Myhra, MN House candidate in MN HD56A (Burnsville, Savage). 

So please call (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics we plan on addressing. 

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 or, if you're near downtown Minneapolis/West Metro area, 107.5 FM on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Alexa (just say "Alexa, play The Patriot Minneapolis")If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #NARNShow or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Thursday, October 15, 2020

Dystopian stuff

On principle, I agree wholeheartedly with the notion that private enterprises have a right to free association. Specifically, I have no issue with tech giants like Facebook and Twitter rooting out content they find objectionable, particularly when said content runs afoul of their established user policies. 

All that said, people like me are finding it more difficult to defend these tech giants against regulation.

When Facebook and Twitter starting spiking any references to New York Post story that was unflattering to current Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, their rationale left a lot to be desired. 

Facebook Communications Director Andy Stone, a former Democratic staffer, announced that the social media platform would limit the article's distribution pending a fact-checker's review. He directed users to Facebook policy, which states that "in many countries, including in the US, if we have signals that a piece of content is false, we temporarily reduce its distribution pending review by a third-party fact-checker."

While Facebook is within its rights to take action against content it believes is factually misleading, this seems like a tough standard to enforce evenly. News articles in the mainstream press frequently contain information that is thinly or anonymously sourced, and sometimes proves to be inaccurate. It's one thing for social media platforms to take swift action against viral content that is very obviously false or incendiary, like conspiracy theories about coronavirus miracle cures or voter fraud. It's quite another for the platform to essentially make itself a gatekeeper of legitimate journalism, or a very selective media watchdog that appears to be more concerned about bad reporting when it comes from right-leaning outlets than left-leaning outlets, given the partisan leanings of social media company's internal policy setters.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's lame attempt at spin.

The thread Jack linked to referenced "personal information" in the Post article and thus was in violation of its "Hacked Materials" policy. The thing is, Twitter didn't concern itself with the New York Times story of President Trump's tax returns and how they were quite likely obtained by the Times illegally. Also, the infamous Trump-Russia dossier was widely available on the platform when Buzzfeed submitted it in its entirety. 

In the end, these social media sites want it both ways in that they enjoy the protection of being platforms (i.e. not responsible for content posted by its users) yet want us to believe they're morally bound to censoring what they (and they alone) deem as questionable material. And isn't it amazing that the corrective action only flows in one ideological direction? This is true Orwellian sh*t we're dealing with. 


Wednesday, October 14, 2020


I'm guessing if House Speaker Marie Antoinette Nancy Pelosi had known she was going to get pressed on her politicization of the COVID-19 relief package, she likely would have declined to sit down with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer. 

You know she lost her sh*t when she referred to CNN as apologists for Republicans. 

This veritable meltdown by Speaker Pelosi is the natural consequence when one is used to softball interviews where $13 pints of ice cream and fancy refrigerators are the main topics discussed. 


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Quick Hits: Volume CCXXXIII

- Barring unforeseen circumstances (like a slew of GOP U.S. Senators contracting COVID-19 😞), Judge Amy Coney Barrett will be confirmed as the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice within a couple of weeks. The Democrats know this, which is why their opening statements on Monday focused less on Judge Barrett and more on anti-Trump chanting points. 

You know how else we know Judge Barrett's confirmation is a fait accompli? The disgusting personal attacks against her and her family. 

I've said it many times before and I'll say it again here. There is nothing more bigoted and intolerant than "progressives" speaking about both women & minorities who are of the conservative ilk. 

- Wow. The great beyond sure is assembling itself quite the MLB roster with the cavalcade of stars who have passed away in the year 2020. 


Not included in this list is pitcher Don Larsen. Even though he's not a Hall of Famer like the others, Larsen has the distinction of tossing the only Perfect Game in MLB postseason history. 

By the time I became a baseball fan in the late 1970s, the aforementioned players were either retired or in the twilight of their careers. Nevertheless, I've consumed enough baseball books and documentaries to ascertain the enormous impact of each of those players.  

- Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been in Congress nearly a half century. She'll likely have that seat as long as she desires. Nevertheless, it's heartening to see bold Republicans step up in an attempt to at least make her earn her electoral victories. 

If there's ever been an opportunity for the GOP to at least make inroads in urban areas, it's now, especially in light of the pervasive rioting and looting major cities have endured in 2020. And every last one of those areas has been under progressive rule for decades at the federal, state and local levels.

Abraham Lincoln once said "The probability we may fail in the struggle ought not deter us from support of a cause we believe to be just." Even if candidates like Collins as well as Kimberly Klacik in Baltimore and Lacy Johnson in Minneapolis peel off 5%-10% of the usual 65+% attained by Democrats in those respective cities, that would go a long way in moving the needle. 


Monday, October 12, 2020

Box Score of the Week

It's League Championship Series time! 

Let's check out Game 5 of the 1976 ALCS - Kansas City Royals at New York Yankees


Chris Chambliss' home run in the bottom of the ninth inning sent the Yankees to the World Series. So delirious were the hometown fans, they stormed the field with many mobbing Chambliss as he rounded the bases. He never did touch home plate, instead running for his life to the home dugout. Shortly thereafter, a couple of uniformed security guards escorted Chambliss from the clubhouse to the area where the plate used to be (some ambitious fan stole it in the melee) in order for him to officially step on it. 


Sunday, October 11, 2020

They say it's kinda frightnin' how this younger generation swings.....

T-23 days until Election Day, so the frenzied pace on the Northern Alliance Radio Network continues. My 2-hour radio program The Closer gets started at 1:00 PM Central Time. 

In the first hour I'll recap the vice presidential debate from this past Wednesday, specifically how it proved that VP Mike Pence has been way underutilized by the Trump administration. Speaking of Trump, he continually undermines his own reelection prospects. 

Then in the second hour I will be joined in studio by two different MN House candidates. It'll be Megan Olson (GOP candidate in 57A - Apple Valley & Lakeville) at 2:00 pm and then Bill Maresh (GOP candidate in 36A - Champlin & Coon Rapids) at 2:30. 

So please call (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics we plan on addressing. 

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 or, if you're near downtown Minneapolis/West Metro area, 107.5 FM on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Alexa (just say "Alexa, play The Patriot Minneapolis")If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #NARNShow or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Friday, October 09, 2020

Progressivism and anti-Trumpism are mental disorders

I saw a story the other day where insufferable blowhard Keith Olbermann was leaving his job at ESPN to commit to full time anti-Trump commentary. And in other news, KEITH OLBERMANN WAS WORKING FOR ESPN AGAIN. 

But I digress. 

So was this his first day on the job?

In all seriousness, I take no pleasure in watching this unhinged lunacy. Impotent raging like this is sadly indicative of what we're seeing from media elites, Hollywood types, etc. in the era of Trump. And the fact many of these same people will give off a euphoric, happy-go-lucky facade  if Joe Biden is elected President will just confirm some sort of psychosis. 

I'm genuinely sorrowful on behalf of those who are invested in the idea of deifying government. 


Thursday, October 08, 2020

Veep debate

I actually enjoyed Wednesday's vice presidential debate, particularly because VP Mike Pence dismantled Democrat Veep candidate Kamala Harris. It also further crystallized why Harris was the most over-hyped presidential candidate among the 20+ who made a run to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020.

What we also witnessed Wednesday evening was the main reason why Biden was committed from day one to selecting a woman of color to be his running mate. The rationale of course was to insulate her from criticism whenever she's attacked substantively or has her record pored over. Sure enough, Harris set the tone early by continually uttering some variation of "Excuse me. I'm talking, please don't interrupt me" when Pence addressed her. So whenever the Vice President was tough (but fair) in his assessment of the Biden-Harris record or corrected blatant misstatements from Harris, he was accused of (SURPRISE!) "mansplaining." For all the bitching some people have engaged in over women allegedly not having an equal opportunity to be on a presidential ticket, they sure do get the vapors when a woman (specifically a Democrat woman) finally has that chance but is actually pressed under the same harsh scrutiny as a male candidate. 

If there was one main takeaway I had from this debate it's how Pence is orders of magnitude more coherent in defending President Trump and his policies than Trump himself. VP Pence is a fantastic messenger while always speaking with great composure. I've always known this about him, which is why I was heartened when Trump assigned Pence the role of heading up the coronavirus task force 6+ months ago. But as Trump is wont to do, he undermined the efforts, including inserting himself into the daily COVID-19 briefings which eventually turned into some of the more bizarre ramblings of his presidency. Had he just allowed the unflappable Pence to run things as he saw fit, I can't help but think Americans would have felt more reassurance in how the government is enacting its response. 

As much as we right-of-center politicos were energized by Pence's debate performance, it was deflated by Thursday morning when Trump declared he would not participate in a virtual debate with Biden next week. This was after the Presidential Debate Commission determined it's best to take such precautions in light of the President being diagnosed with COVID-19 less than a week earlier. For all the speculation Trump et al engaged in over Biden looking for a way out of the debates, it was the President himself who cuts and runs. 

One final thought. Does anyone else believe that the Veep debate matchup which occurred Wednesday evening may well be the presidential card we'll witness in 2024?


Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Special NARN broadcast

 From AM 1280 The Patriot's Facebook page

Tune in tonight on AM 1280 The Patriot as we bring you live debate coverage starting at 7pm and post-debate coverage with Mitch Berg and Brad Carlson of the Northern Alliance Radio Network. Mitch & Brad will be joined by Kyle Hooten of Alpha News starting at 9:30pm. Tune in on AM 1280 or online at AM1280ThePatriot.com. Debate night coverage is brought to you in part by Alpha News.

As I mentioned in a post last week, tonight's Veep debate has some extra significance given President Trump's recent bout with COVID had the potential to force Vice President Pence to assume power briefly. And if Joe Biden is elected next month, his running mate Kamala Harris would be elevated to POTUS if Biden (like many voters believe) does not get through an entire four years.

Buckle up!


Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Quick Hits: Volume CCXXXII

 - If I had to predict, I would say President Trump loses reelection this November. It didn't have to be this way, particularly if the man had any ounce of message discipline. I get that one of Trump's most appealing traits is his lack of being the typical politician, in that he's willing to say what's on his mind, consequences be damned. 

All that said, Trump missed a great opportunity to combine facts with a sound political message when it came to his own bout with COVID-19.

If Mr. Trump recovered quickly from his bout with the coronavirus and then appeared sympathetic to the public in how he talked about his own experience and that of millions of other Americans, he could have something of a political reset. The health crisis, one campaign official said, was a setback in a re-election campaign that polls have shown him losing for months, but also a chance to demonstrate a new stance toward the virus that might win over some voters.

And the president could use that to show from now until the second presidential debate, scheduled for Oct. 15, that the disease is serious but can be combated, and that he was ready to re-enter the campaign.

While that was the hope, it was severely undermined over the last few days by the president’s own behavior — no more so than Monday when he tweeted to the nation “Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life!” without acknowledging that, as president, he gets far better care than the average citizen. His comments signaled a far likelier reality: that the erratic handling of his illness by Mr. Trump and his aides will remind voters of his administration’s failures and efforts to play down the deadly pandemic for six months.

The President then exacerbated his erratic behavior regarding the virus by taking to Twitter on Tuesday and essentially saying the COVID pandemic is no worse than the flu despite raw data showing the exact opposite.

While the chances are nonzero that Trump will be reelected, his continued self-inflicted wounds leave very little hope that a sudden turnaround will occur. 

- On the other hand, here's a very unscientific trend on how things look hopeful for Trump. 

This past Sunday, the Colts defeated the Bears 19-11.

I guess my friend (and Bears bobo) Mitch Berg is incorrect when he proclaims "the Chicago Bears' fortunes tend to be a leading indicator for the nation as a whole."

- It'll never cease being creepy when people view government in this manner. 

Sorry, but my happiness (to say nothing of my survival) is not predicated upon who represents us in government. This is why there is such a huge divide in this country, because one side looks to make government as inconsequential as possible whereas Mrs. Obama's side views it as the potential to be a deity. Might wanna search your own heart there, Michelle. 


Monday, October 05, 2020

Box Score of the Week

The AL & NL division series begin this week. This week's featured game is the Boston Red Sox taking on the Cleveland Indians in Game 5 of the 1999 ALDS


After one of the more dominating regular seasons a starting pitcher has ever had (23-4, 2.07 ERA with 313 strikeouts in only 213-1/3 innings pitched), Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez put in a stellar performance as a reliever this game. Martinez pitched the final six innings of this contest, allowing no hits despite enduring back problems. This game capped Boston's rally from a 2-0 series deficit, propelling them to the American League Championship Series against the New York Yankees. 


Sunday, October 04, 2020

We'll have a breath of sunshine when the rain goes away.....

 Exactly 30 days until Election Day, so it's a sprint to the finish on the Northern Alliance Radio Network. Today's broadcast of my 2-hour program The Closer will get started at 1:00 PM Central Time. 

In the first hour I'll discuss the ramifications of President Trump contracting COVID-19 so close to the election. I will also weigh in on the first presidential debate from this past Tuesday. 

In the second hour I will welcome to the Patriot bunker a pair of GOP candidates seeking to flip DFL-held seats in the MN House. At 2:00 I will be joined by Fern Smith, who is running in HD 51B (Eagan), and Roz Peterson, who is running in HD 56B (Burnsville and Lakeville). 

So please call (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics we plan on addressing. 

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 or, if you're near downtown Minneapolis/West Metro area, 107.5 FM on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Alexa (just say "Alexa, play The Patriot Minneapolis")If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #NARNShow or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Saturday, October 03, 2020

Just throwin' this out there.....

There hasn't been this much certainty that Donald Trump will lose an election since October 2016 when that infamous TMZ audio was released. 

That's all.


Friday, October 02, 2020

Not totally shocking

When it was announced that one of President Trump's close aides, Hope Hicks, tested positive for COVID-19, many wondered aloud if Trump would be able to continue dodging the coronavirus bullet. 

Unfortunately he could not

President Trump announced early Friday that both he and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19 and will quarantine at the White House, sending shockwaves through the political universe and igniting an outpouring of support for the first family.

Both the president and the first lady are experiencing mild symptoms of the novel coronavirus, the White House said.

“As all of you know the president and the first lady tested positive for COVID-19,” White House chief of staff Mark Meadows told reporters at the White House Friday. “They remain in good spirits.”

“The president does have mild symptoms, and as we look to try to make sure that not only his health and safety and welfare is good, we continue to look at that for all of the American people,” Meadows continued, adding that he is not only "in good spirits, but very energetic.”

This isn't entirely surprising when you consider that Trump has continued to hold campaign rallies (albeit outdoors) among hundreds of people crushed together, typically in airport hangar type settings. The relative good news here is the President is tested frequently and was likely tested immediately before Tuesday's presidential debate. As such, this ailment was probably caught as soon as humanly possible. Combine that with the "mild" symptoms he is enduring, Trump is expected to recover fully within a 2-week time frame. 

The fact this news occurred a mere 32 days before Election Day throws into question how this will affect Trump's reelection prospects should he remain in the race. Given that approval ratings of Trump's response to the pandemic have been underwater for some time, his contracting the virus certainly is not going to help his electoral prospects. This may also somewhat vindicate his opponent, Joe Biden, for knocking off campaign activities early for several days this past month. No doubt the Biden camp will spin it as his merely being cautious given we are so close to November 3, particularly in light of Trump's diagnosis. 

What this saga also means is there will be extra emphasis added to Wednesday's debate pitting Vice President Mike Pence against Biden's running mate Kamala Harris. While we're told Trump's symptoms are "mild," we can't ignore how a 74-year old overweight man contracting COVID means he's more susceptible to lingering issues than, say, a healthy 20-something coming down with the virus. With that in mind, Pence absolutely has to be ready to assume the reins of the reelection campaign, maybe even current presidential tasks. And there have been plenty of polls suggesting that many Americans do not believe Biden, if elected, has the wherewithal to endure an entire four years as POTUS, so whomever his Veep candidate is holds extra significance. 

The raging dumpster fire that is 2020 never ceases to stupefy. 


Wednesday, September 30, 2020

That time of year

I've been reminiscent lately over presidential election years past, specifically the 2004 campaign pitting President George W. Bush against Sen. John Kerry (D-MA). 

It was exactly four weeks before Election Day that a group of us gathered across the street from Xcel Energy Center in downtown St. Paul to serve as a "counter protest" to the Vote For Change concert. If you recall, a group of musicians featuring R.E.M., Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young put on concerts all over the U.S. to raise money in an effort to defeat President Bush. At the time I was chair of the MN chapter of Protest Warrior, a group started by Bay Area conservatives which mocked the anti-war protesters who opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq. 

Here's a video from our gathering in 2004. 

I also made an appearance on WCCO TV's 10 pm news. 

Once the concert started and its attendees were inside the Xcel Energy Center, our group adjourned to Patrick McGovern's pub down the street where we indulged in some adult beverages as well as Game 1 of the American League Division Series featuring our Minnesota Twins taking on the New York Yankees. Twins starter Johan Santana pitched a gem in a 2-0 win for the local nine. You could say this was a perfect night for me in that I trolled leftists and saw my favorite MLB team win a postseason game. 

I think you know where I'm going with this. Over the next 16 years, my favorite MLB squad would win nary a playoff game in eighteen attempts. To think their last postseason win occurred a mere 28 days before George W. Bush was reelected President. When I put in that perspective, I am just flummoxed at the Twins' postseason ineptitude. 


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Programming note

 From the AM 1280 The Patriot Facebook page

Tune in tonight on AM 1280 The Patriot as we bring you live debate coverage starting at 7pm and post-debate coverage with Mitch Berg and Brad Carlson of the Northern Alliance Radio Network. Mitch & Brad will be joined by Kyle Hooten of Alpha News starting at 9:30pm. Tune in on AM 1280 or online at AM1280ThePatriot.com. Debate night coverage is brought to you in part by Alpha News.

I typically don't indulge in presidential debates unless I am obligated to do so for a Patriot event, so I'll obviously be tuned in tonight.

Until then........


Monday, September 28, 2020

Box Score of the Week

 Yesterday was the final day of the MLB regular season, so let's check out the finale from September 27, 1942 when the Brooklyn Dodgers took on the Philadelphia Phillies


The Dodgers notched their 104th win of the season, but it wasn't enough to qualify for the postseason. The 104 wins tied the 1909 Chicago Cubs for most regular season victories for teams who did not make the playoffs. 


Saturday, September 26, 2020

We play to win, we play for keeps.......

With my friend and Northern Alliance Radio Network colleague Mitch Berg on assignment today, I will assume the reins of The Headliner edition of the NARN. The broadcast gets started at 1:00 PM Central Time. 

It's another guest intensive show today: 

  • 1:30 - Matt Mackowiak, political strategist, will join the broadcast to discuss President Trump's U.S. Supreme Court nominee as well as the latest in the presidential race. 
  • 2:00 - Greg Pulles, GOP candidate for MN Senate District 44 (Plymouth, Minnetonka). 
  • 2:30 - Andrew Myers, GOP candidate for MN House District 33B (Shorewood, Chanhassen, Mound).

So please call (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics we plan on addressing. 

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 or, if you're near downtown Minneapolis/West Metro area, 107.5 FM on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Alexa (just say "Alexa, play The Patriot Minneapolis")If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #NARNShow or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Friday, September 25, 2020

It's the end of the world as we know it.....

 This tweet was posted 14 months ago tomorrow. 

Since we'll be past the point of no return as of tomorrow, what are you planning on doing when the climate is officially irredeemable?


Thursday, September 24, 2020

Legally correct in Louisville

Over the past several months, my various social media feeds have been bombarded with demands for justice in the death of Louisville resident Breonna Taylor. The prevailing narratives were that Taylor was shot dead by police serving a "no-knock warrant" while she slept in her bed (much of that not true, BTW). As such, the only justice that would be acceptable in the minds of many would be the officers being charged with murder. But since it had been established that police did knock and announce themselves but fired shots only after being fired upon by Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker, murder charges were not going to occur. 

The official charges were handed down Wednesday. 

One of the police officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor in her home in Louisville, Kentucky, in March was charged Wednesday with first-degree wanton endangerment, but the officer whose shot killed Taylor was not indicted.

Judge Annie O’Connell announced the charges against the former Louisville detective, Brett Hankison, who was fired in June, during a grand jury proceeding. A warrant will be issued for his arrest, O'Connell said.

The charges accuse Hankison of firing blindly into several apartments and recklessly endangering Taylor’s neighbors, but do not charge him with firing at or killing Taylor. Two other officers involved in the March 13 incident, Detective Myles Cosgrove and Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, were not charged.

Cosgrove fired the shot that killed Taylor, according to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, but the grand jury considered his action justifiable.

As expected, mass unrest hit the streets of Louisville, this time resulting in two police officers being shot.

This saga is once again an example of what happens when media outlets cherry pick facts (or misstate them altogether) and present them to a populace already on edge over racial tensions. While the media isn't responsible for the actions of rioters and looters, they no doubt contributed to an already palpable outrage over this case. 

So was this the legally correct decision? It would appear so. However, Breonna Taylor is dead and she shouldn't be. So the law being on the officers' sides provides zero consolation to her family. 


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Quick Hits: Volume CCXXXI

- Remember the Dems' strange new respect for Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) upon his voting to impeach President Trump & remove him from office, marching in a Black Lives Matter parade, etc.?

Yeah, I'm thinking we're back to Mitt the evil rich guy who gave a lady cancer

Sen. Mitt Romney said Tuesday he would support a floor vote to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, essentially clinching consideration of President Donald Trump’s nominee this year despite the impending election.

Just two Republican senators
(actually one is backtracking  - ed.) have asked for the party to put the brakes on the confirmation. And with a 53-seat majority, Senate Majority Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) now has the votes he needs to move forward with a nominee.

I wonder how long it'll be until the stories of Romney giving a prank haircut to a fellow high school student or leaving a dog in a kennel while atop a car are going to resurface.

- A not-so-surprising presidential endorsement from Sen. John McCain's widow.

If by "values as a nation" you believe they're undermining gun rights, abortions up until moments before birth and viewing tyrannical China as a "competitor" to the U.S. as opposed to hostile force, then absolutely. 

-  So I landed in "Twitter jail" Tuesday evening for a tweet I published almost a month ago. 

I am suspended until I delete the tweet or have my appeal approved (which is no sure thing). The reason I was given is that Twitter does not allow tweets which "glorify violence." 

Ummmm yeah, just one question here, uh..... ARE YOU F---ING KIDDING ME?!?!?! Glorifying violence???? I read the story at the link and then clicked the "tweet" button to post to twitter. The words in the tweet are literally what resulted when clicking on the aforementioned button. And speculating about the motive of a high profile shooting in Kenosha, WI? How the Sam Hell is that "glorifying violence?"

Honestly, if I didn't utilize Twitter so much for stories to cite on my weekly radio program, I would shit can the account altogether. What a friggin' hot garbage site that continues to be.


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Of the same ilk

Given all the breathless news coverage of the latest in the 2020 elections, the death of a SCOTUS justice, etc., one may have missed the White House being the victim of a terroristic incident. 

A package containing the poison ricin and addressed to President Donald Trump was intercepted by law enforcement earlier this week, according to two law enforcement officials.

Two tests were done to confirm the presence of ricin. All mail for the White House is sorted and screened at an offsite facility before reaching the White House.

Thankfully the person accused of sending this package has been arrested. 

Y'know.......if you just put glasses and a stocking cap on that woman, you get.......



Monday, September 21, 2020

Box Score of the Week

 Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Indians - April 5, 2014.


Detroit Tigers manager (and Twins skipper from 2002 thru 2014) Ron Gardenhire abruptly retired over the weekend, likely due to some lingering health issues. I certainly wish him a fruitful and long retirement. 

Anyhow, the game featured this week was Gardy's 1000th career victory as Twins manager. 


Sunday, September 20, 2020

Got the twelve o'clock news blues......

This is one of those Sundays where I could utilize a 3-hour broadcast. Nevertheless, today's edition of my radio show The Closer will air for the normal 2 hours, which is 1-3 PM Central Time. 

I'll obviously take a segment to weigh in on the passing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and how the political ramifications will be as rancorous as I've ever witnessed in my lifetime. 

Also, we have some important Minnesota legislative elections this year, so we'll talk to various candidates throughout the broadcast: 

  • 1:30 - Mary Giuliani Stephens, GOP candidate in MN Senate District 53 (Woodbury, Landfall and parts of Oakdale & Maplewood). 
  • 2:00 - Erik Mortensen, GOP candidate in MN House District 55A (Shakopee area). 
  • 2:30 - Doug Willetts, GOP candidate in MN Senate District 51 (Eagan, northern part of Burnsville). 

So please call (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics we plan on addressing. 

You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 or, if you're near downtown Minneapolis/West Metro area, 107.5 FM on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Alexa (just say "Alexa, play The Patriot Minneapolis")If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #NARNShow or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Saturday, September 19, 2020

The wild ride that is the year 2020 continues

A few months ago I quit saying a certain phrase (or variation thereof) which I had been conveying on a heavy rotation: "Dang 2020 can't get any more bizarre or surreal." As each month passed, I realized it could. 

Friday evening's news was just the latest in a series of loony occurrences. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the enigmatic, longtime Supreme Court justice who attained near cult-like status among progressive circles, died Friday at the age of 87 from complications surrounding metastatic pancreatic cancer.

The late Supreme Court justice, who spent more than two decades on the bench in the highest court of the land, is survived by her two children, Jane Carol and James Steven Ginsburg.

“Our Nation has lost a jurist of historic stature," Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. said in a Friday evening statement. "We at the Supreme Court have lost a cherished colleague. Today we mourn, but with confidence that future generations will remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg as we knew her -- a tireless and resolute champion of justice.”

Ginsburg, who was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1993 by President Bill Clinton, was known for her soft-spoken demeanor that masked an analytical mind, a deep concern for the rights of every American and a commitment to upholding the Constitution.

I think back to early 2016 when Justice Antonin Scalia died and how that sent shockwaves through the political world. However, that was a full nine months before Election Day that year. Ginsburg's passing is a mere 45 days before this year's presidential election. 

While Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declined to hold hearings for then President Obama's nominee to replace Scalia, he plans on going through such a process for President Trump's pick.

If you channeled the collective rage of leftists upon McConnell issuing that statement, it would likely register on the Richter scale. You thought progs were unhinged during the Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation hearings?!?! Nah, this is going to be a whole new level of derangement. 

So can the GOP majority in the U.S. Senate pull this off in such a short amount of time? For perspective, here is the time frame from nomination to confirmation for Ginsburg as well as each of the eight active justices. 

So if Trump loses reelection and the Senate GOP falls out of the majority, any confirmation would have to take place in a "lame duck" session. Yeah, there's gonna be some unrest like we haven't seen this year and we've seen more than enough. 


If you're the praying kind, I hope you'll join me in crying out to our Lord for the most peaceful resolution to this overwhelmingly contentious time we're in. It's likely to become orders of magnitude more rancorous over the next 3-4 months.


Friday, September 18, 2020

Bad polling, huh Nance?

This speech by House Speaker Marie Antoinette Nancy Pelosi is likely the result of one emotion: Panic! 


My guess is Democrat POTUS candidate Joe Biden trying to pawn off the unrest as the result of being in "Donald Trump's America" wasn't resonating with voters, so previously silent Dem leaders are attempting to stem the tide of a presidential race becoming too close for comfort. That, and the leftist media's "REPUBLICANS POUNCE!" retort to the GOP's criticism of rioting and looting isn't really fooling as many people as they had hoped. 


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Who's down with U.P.P.?

A few years ago, my friend and Northern Alliance Radio Network colleague Mitch Berg brilliantly coined the phrase "Urban Progressive Privilege."

A summary: 

Like the concept of “white privilege” (which, conventional wisdom tells us, that “whites are carefully taught not to recognize white privilege”), the first rule of Urban Progressive Privilege is “I don’t believe there is such a thing”; it’s the water in which the Urban Progressive swims. So I have begun in an untutored way to ask what it is like to have Urban Progressive Privilege. I have come to see Urban Progressive Privilege as an invisible and group package of unearned assets that I can count on using daily, but about which it’s hard to be anything but oblivious.

Urban Progressive Privilege is like an invisible weightless NPR tote bag of special permissions, immunities, secret handshakes, Whole Foods gift cards, a virtual echo chamber accompanying everyone who has that privilege, filtering out almost all cognitive dissonance about political, social or moral questions, and a virtual “cone of silence” immunizing them from liability for anything they say or do that contradicts the group’s stated principles.

This immediately leapt to mind when reading how the proggie infested Minneapolis City Council is incredulous over citizen concerns about lack of police response. 


The meeting was slated as a Minneapolis City Council study session on police reform.

But for much of the two-hour meeting, council members told police Chief Medaria Arradondo that their constituents are seeing and hearing street racing which sometimes results in crashes, brazen daylight carjackings, robberies, assaults and shootings. And they asked Arradondo what the department is doing about it.

"Residents are asking, ‘Where are the police’?” said Jamal Osman, newly elected council member of Ward 6. He said he's already been inundated with complaints from residents that calls for police aren’t being answered.

“That is the only public safety option they have at the moment. MPD. They rely on MPD. And they are saying they are nowhere to be seen,” Osman said.

Just months after leading an effort that would have defunded the police department, City Council members at Tuesday’s work session pushed chief Medaria Arradondo to tell them how the department is responding to the violence.

The number of reported violent crimes, like assaults, robberies and homicides are up compared to 2019, according to MPD crime data. More people have been killed in the city in the first nine months of 2020 than were slain in all of last year. Property crimes, like burglaries and auto thefts, are also up. Incidents of arson have increased 55 percent over the total at this point in 2019.

To anyone paying a bit of attention, this is pretty simple. Resources are woefully low among the MPD. With the department being under siege (including having the 3rd precinct burned to the point of being uninhabitable) and vilified, many officers have chosen to take early retirement, transfer or leave the profession altogether. As such, they're having to scramble to beef up personnel on patrol, including transferring people from other areas of the P.D. 

Council President Lisa Bender, who three months ago basically said having an expectation of public safety when calling 911 is "privilege," made an unsubstantiated claim that officers are deliberately not arresting people committing crimes out of defiance. Well, again, if officers are being stripped of much of their ability to restrain citizens, I would certainly understand if they're even the slightest bit hesitant to make arrests for fear of at best losing their jobs and at worst inciting more riots if someone posts video footage of a detainment. 

I hope the citizens of Minneapolis have this fresh in their minds come municipal elections next year. While they are in genuine fear of the increasing violent crime rate within their city while grappling with the uncertain response time of police, the folks who represent them on the City Council can always order up some of that private security when things get rough. 

Urban Progressive Privilege is a real thing y'all. 


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Quick Hits: Volume CCXXX

 - By now you have likely heard the story of two Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies being gunned down in Compton over the weekend. Thankfully, the two officers will likely survive the attack. 

If leftists had any semblance of intellectual consistency (Yeah, I know. Work with me here), they would acknowledge their inflammatory rhetoric towards law enforcement is leading to violence against police. I say that because Sarah Palin placing a symbolic cross-hairs symbol on a Congressional map was, in the mind of many in the "de-fund the police" crowd, the main reason Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was shot in Tucson, AZ by an apolitical madman in early 2011. Oh, and another point of flaming hypocrisy? We've been told by members of Black Lives Matter, et al that there are no "good apples" among law enforcement, yet people of that same ilk blocking the hospital entrance where the LASD deputies were brought and subsequently yelling "WE HOPE THEY DIE!!" are supposedly not indicative of BLM activists as a whole. 

In the end, the only person responsible for this shooting is the assailant. Period. Speaking of which, let's hope "WOKE!" NBA star LeBron James takes up the LA Sheriff's challenge to match the reward money for information leading to an arrest of the gunman. This shouldn't be too difficult for Bronny to embrace since he's often invoking the Martin Luther King, Jr. quote of "Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere."

- shakedown or shake-down[ sheyk-doun ]


extortion, as by blackmail or threats of violence

Here is a tweet (now deleted) posted by Shadi Hamid, contributor to The Atlantic, promoting his latest piece

Translation: Nice little country ya got there. It'd be a shame if something happened to it

- When satire is literally indistinguishable from news reports

Look, I get it. CNN knows its audience and thus realizes it would be a veritable sh*t storm were they to characterize this as a political boon for the Trump administration.  But for a network whose personalities get so morally offended when they're chided "fake news" by Trump and his supporters, they sure work overtime to validate those criticisms. 


Monday, September 14, 2020

Box Score of the Week

 Kansas City Athletics at Minnesota Twins - June 9, 1966.


This past Saturday evening, the Twins hit back-to-back home runs twice in a game for only the second time in franchise history. This week's featured contest marked the first the Twins pulled off that feat. 


Sunday, September 13, 2020

What goes up must come down.....

From today thru the first Sunday in February, NFL football will be in action every week (barring, say, a COVID cancellation of the season). As such, we know many of you will likely catch my radio program The Closer via podcast, but we'll still air the broadcast live 1-3 PM Central Time. 

I'll take the first couple of segments to commemorate the 19th anniversary of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, and how the American unity shown on 9/12/2001 is faint memory when considering today's political discourse. 

I will also weigh in on Bob Woodward's latest book which paints an incredibly unflattering picture of President Trump. 

In the second hour, I'll talk some local stuff, including the Minneapolis City Council realizing it's easier said than done to de-fund the police department. Speaking of police, many are rescinding endorsements of DFL candidates. 

So please call (651) 289-4488 if you'd like to weigh in on any of the topics we plan on addressing. 
You can listen live in the Twin Cities at AM 1280 or, if you're near downtown Minneapolis/West Metro area, 107.5 FM on your radio dial. In and out of the Minneapolis-St Paul area you can listen to the program on the Internet by clicking this link, or check us out via iheart radio as well as Amazon Alexa (just say "Alexa, play The Patriot Minneapolis")If you're unable to tune in live, please check out my podcast page for the latest show post.

And if you're so inclined, follow along on Twitter at #NARNShow or "Like" our Facebook page.

Until then.....


Friday, September 11, 2020

A non-scientific approach to science

By now you've likely seen the story that the Sturgis, SD motorcycle rally last month resulted in more than 250,000 new COVID-19 cases across the country. Any person with an ounce of critical thinking skills and intellectual honesty had to know that didn't quite pass the proverbial sniff test. 

So what was the real impact of a gathering with approximately half a million cyclists practicing little to no social distancing and rare mask usage? 

According to South Dakota health officials, 124 new cases in the state—including one fatal case—were directly linked to the rally. Overall, COVID-19 cases linked to the Sturgis rally were reported in 11 states as of September 2, to a tune of at least 260 new cases, according to The Washington Post.

There very well may be more cases that have been linked to the early August event, but so far, that's only 260 confirmed cases—about 0.1 percent of the number the IZA paper offers.

To get to the astronomical number of cases allegedly spread because of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the researchers analyzed "anonymized cellphone data to track the smartphone pings from non-residents and movement of those before and after the event," notes Newsweek. "The study then linked those who attended and traveled back to their home states, and compared changes in coronavirus trends after the rally's conclusion."

Essentially, the researchers assumed that new spikes in cases in areas where people went post-rally must have been caused by those rally attendees, despite there being no particular evidence that this was the case. The paper, which has not been peer-reviewed, failed to account for simultaneous happenings—like schools in South Dakota reopening, among other things—that could have contributed to coronavirus spread in some of the studied areas.

The researchers also assumed a $46,000 price tag for each person infected to calculate the $12.2 billion public health cost of the event—but this figure would only make sense if every person had a severe case requiring hospitalization.

The results of the IZA paper "do not align with what we know," South Dakota epidemiologist Joshua Clayton said at a Tuesday news briefing. The IZA paper "isn't science; it's fiction," Gov. Kristi Noem (R) said.

It's also good election-time propaganda, apparently. Despite the dubious nature of the IZA study, a range of Democratic consultants and cheerleaders have been using it to condemn President Donald Trump.

An therein lies the true motivation for releasing a report based mostly on statistical possibility as opposed to science-based probability. 

What's perhaps most amusing is the proggie woke scolds who lecture others about needing to "TRUST THE SCIENCE!!!" were the biggest culprits in trafficking this scientifically dubious assertion that Sturgis was a "super spreader" event. Amazing how similar concerns weren't raised regarding mass protests over social justice. Why it's almost as if this COVID-19 saga isn't based 100% on science. Perish the thought!


Thursday, September 10, 2020

Leftists pounce on excerpts of Bob Woodward's unflattering book about Trump

I guess my biggest question is why would anyone give journalist Bob Woodward unfettered access? I have a theory, which I'll come back to. 

But first......

President Trump on Wednesday ripped into Bob Woodward’s new book as “just another political hit job” after the author claimed Trump said he knew the coronavirus was “deadly” but went to great lengths to downplay the virus in public.

Pressed on his reported coronavirus comments during an afternoon event in the Diplomatic Room of the White House, the president defended himself: "You cannot show a sense of panic."

It follows an earlier defense of Trump from White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who said Wednesday: “When you are facing insurmountable challenges, it is important to express confidence, it is important to express calm.”

“He makes clear that he doesn’t want to see chaos, by the way, which is the second part of the quote which you failed to read,” she continued, addressing a reporter who had read part of the quote.

“The president just days after having this discussion with Bob Woodward, said this from this podium, on March 30, he said, ‘I do want them to stay calm, we are doing a great job, if you look at the individual statements they are all true, stay calm, it will go away but it's important to stay calm,’” the press secretary said. “So this president does what leaders do -- good leaders -- it’s stay calm and resolute at a time when you face an insurmountable challenge.”

I don't often point to Trump's Twitter feed for solid rebuttals, but he actually has a solid one here.

As the first reported positive U.S. cases started to emerge in early March, Trump tapped Vice President Mike Pence to form a coronavirus task force to best determine the way forward. Heck, Trump took substantive action even earlier than that when he banned travel from China, the country where this strain of coronavirus originated. And for that he was deemed a racist. Regardless, from that point forward, Trump (for better or worse) has been following the recommendations of Drs. Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx in how to best balance public health with economic activity. Seems to me that his actions don't quite fit a narrative of his not taking the virus seriously. 

But to get back to my original query as to why Trump would give someone like Woodward, who's never had a penchant for flattery, such inside access into his administration. To me this was classic Trump from the standpoint that he believes he is so charismatic and charming that anyone with whom he interacts will be smitten. As such, I contend that Trump believed he could be the first ever President of the United States whom Woodward would openly laud. Obviously it didn't work out that way. 

Trump may ultimately lose re-election, but to say it will be due in large part to what Woodward has written seems far fetched. Some key third quarter economic indicators will be released about a week before Election Day. If those continue to show significant improvement despite the COVID induced lockdowns, this book will be long down the memory hole.