Saturday, July 11, 2015

So that happened......

For some reason I decided to flip on the 9th inning of the Tigers-Twins game last evening. As has been the trend this season, the Motor City Kitties were whooping up on my favorite squad (Detroit was 8-2 this season vs. the Twins going into Friday), leading 6-1 in the ninth.

Then this happened: 

-Mauer singled.
-Sano doubled.
-Plouffe struck out.
-Rosario singled, scoring Mauer. 6-2, Detroit.
-Rosario attempted to steal second but was called out. However, the Twins challenged via replay, which showed Rosario slid in safely.
-Hicks walked to load the bases.
-Suzuki leaned into a 69 MPH breaking ball - HBP. 6-3, Detroit. Bases still loaded. 
-Santana singled up the middle, scoring Rosario and Hicks. 6-5, Detroit.
-Recently snubbed A.L. All-Star Brian Dozier, in almost a proverbial thumb of the nose to voting fans, crushed a 3-run homer to left. TWINS WIN, 8-6!!!!

The reaction on social media was fun to partake.

I happened to notice that actor (and Detroit native/sports fan) Jeff Daniels was most displeased with the loss.

I'm normally not a "rub it in" type of guy but I guess I was just caught up in the excitement of the moment, so I replied with this:

The wife and I are attending this afternoon's contest at Target Field. Let's hope my favorite club still has something left in the tank.


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