Saturday, April 19, 2008

Live from the CD3 convention.

Live from Bloomington, MN, it's the 3rd Congressional District Convention!!!

8:55: As I entered the site of the convention, there were some young skulls full of mush all dressed up holding signs at the entry way. The signs said something along the lines of "$pecial Interest$ for Norm: Thank You from Big Pharm and Big Oil." Not bad. But I will say that those big companies at least pay their Unemployment and Disability Insurance.

9:30: Have already seen Derek Brigham (SD45), who's a big dog in CD3. Also, Michael Brodkorb is here at the reporter's table. No Lori Sturdevant sighting as yet. She must still be in mourning that Jim Ramstad is retiring.

10:03: One of the "Ron-ualans" has already come forward to ask if they could speak on behalf of Ron Paul for President.

10:14: Governor Tim Pawlenty has entered the building!!!!!!!!!!!

10:17: The Governor implores everyone to get back to the Reagan playbook.

10:28: The Gov wraps up by telling us to throw our weight behind anyone who receives GOP endorsements. "Those who agree with us 90% of the time are not our enemies." A reference the "Override Six" perhaps? Gov Pawlenty, you're much too kind.

10:31: "The Rammer" approaches the podium.

10:37: Rep. Ramstad delivers a very heartfelt speech in thanking his staff and campaign volunteers for their service during his 18-year tenure in the US Congress. Ramstad mentions he has something in common with President Bush: They both married waaayyy out of their league.

10:41: Ramstad switches gears by passionately pointing out the continued support of the war in Iraq as well as the fight against illegal immigration.

10:47: Ramstad strenuously reminds us that the 3rd District is trending Democrat. But he also takes a shot at DFL endorsed Ashwin Madia by saying "unlike his opponent, Erik Paulsen doesn't need on-the-job training to be in Congress."

11:04: Bethany of the College Republicans has the mic.

11:07: Alex Friedman of the teen-aged Republicans now has the mic. WOW, this kid is incredibly bright and articulate!!! Maybe there is hope for our future!!

11:15: The nominating committee officially names Erik Paulsen as a nominee.

11:17: The Erik Paulsen committee is now making their nomination speech for Paulsen's CD3 endorsement.

11:26: Paulsen takes the stage to a thunderous ovation!

11:32: Paulsen: Fiscally responsible; Strong National Defense; Limited Government. WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE???!!!

11:39: IT'S OFFICIAL!!! Erik Paulsen is the newly endorsed GOP candidate in Congressional District Three!!

11:43: The process of electing Delegates and Alternates to the National Convention now begins.

11:59: There are a total of about twenty people vying for six spots (3 Delegates, 3 Alternates). They each have one minute to speak.

12:00: Someone made a motion to break for lunch but it was shot down. My stomach is NOT happy as a result. The one-minute speeches will commence.

12:05: Some guy with a Chester A. Arthur mustache is giving his talk now.

12:14: Rick Weible (St Bonaficious mayor) shills for Ron Paul and then erroneously states that the majority of Minnesotans voted for Paul in the February caucus. NOT TRUE!! Mitt Romney was the winner. The good mayor is being booed unmercifully for his insistence on Paul having won the February caucus. However, Mr. Weible ended on a good note by highlighting his record as a fiscally conservative mayor.

12:21: The gentleman speaking now has fourteen John McCain bumper stickers on his canoe. Sheesh, that's one way to scare off the fish.

12:27: Delgate speeches are done!! GOP chair Ron Carey now takes the stage and promptly takes a shot at Barack Obama's "bitter" comments.

12:44: Ballots for the Delegates and Alternates are now being handed out.

12:49: The voting for Delegates and Alternates to the National Convention is taking place. With that, I'm signing off and going to get something to eat.

It's been a pleasure to serve you!!



Anonymous said...

It was pointed out that CD3 is trending Democrat... do you think that has anything to do with demographics... and this demographic shift has anything to do with amnesty proposals (call it "pathway to citizenship" if you wish) and running around trying to police the world and then collecting the refugees and putting them in Section 8 apartments near Eden Prairie Center... hmm. Go McCain. Domestic Policy: Invite the World. Foreign Policy: Invade the World. Those policies worked so well for the Roman Empire, I'm sure we'll be fine, too... (yes, that's sarcasm).

Brad Carlson said...

Or I could be a Paul supporter and declare unconstitutional every single solitary action the Federal government performs.

You must also see black helicopters flying over your house every night, eh?

Ray Molter said...

I was sitting next to mayor misspeak. He seemed to be a good guy who had a good sense of humor about himself and his gaff. I didn't want to press him in his moment of derision, though I know I yelled What!? and booed as loud as I could when he said that. I want to believe he meant to say McCain didn't get the majority rather than make up his own magical poll numbers. I think it was rather clever of the convention leaders to come up with the "Conservative Unity Slate" effectively using the tactic the Ru Paul supporters used to highjack previous conventions. Could you imagine the host state endorsing Ru Paul. First Ventura...are we always trying to embarrass ourselve politically in MN?