Saturday, April 05, 2008

Eat your hearts out, Abbott & Costello.

During the NCAA basketball Final Four Saturday evening, CBS’ Jim Nantz mentioned the name Sasha Kaun, who plays the center position for the University of Kansas. That prompted my gal to come rushing out of the kitchen.

Verbal chaos ensued.

The Gal: Are you watching figure skating?

Me: Ahhh, no. What makes you think that?

The Gal: Sorry, I thought I heard Sasha Cohen’s name.

Me: Wait, now I’m confused. What does the guy who played Borat have to do with ice skating?

The Gal: Huh? That’s Sacha Baron Cohen. The figure skater is just Sasha Cohen.

Me: Oh. Well, I’m watching basketball. The announcer guy mentioned the Kansas player Sasha Kaun.

The Gal: Oh, I see. But wasn’t that the name of the singer who sang that song I Feel for You?

Me: That would be Chaka Khan!! Or was that the name of the character on that campy 70s TV series Land of the Lost?

The Gal (sighs disgustedly): I think I’ll go see if I can find some figure skating on TV.


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