Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Plan B.

Regarding my latest weight-loss endeavor, I’m afraid I’ve hit yet another plateau. To be honest, I’d be perfectly fine staying in the 205-210 pound range the rest of my life. The problem is once I get back into that area I balloon up to near 225 in no time, thus sparking another grueling and regimented attempt at dropping weight.

Then the thought occurred to me. Why continue on this seemingly frustrating journey of trying to shed that last 10-15 lbs? Maybe I could just buy bigger clothes. Initially I might look like I’m wearing a parachute. But then the challenge could be to grow into the new duds as opposed to trying to fit into the old ones.

Closed circuit to Competition Committee chair Learned Foot: Would you consider having a John Daly look-alike contest at this year’s Millard Fillmore Memorial Open Championship Golf Outing Charity Classic?

I think I could be in “shape” by July 25th!!



Uncle Ben said...

I think I remember you writing about shedding the pounds in a healthy manner and that's a worthy goal to keep after. Even if you don't actually lose the weight you want, at least you're being kind to yourself and your future.

Brad Carlson said...

Not to worry, my good friend. I'm definitely going to keep at it but I'm just a tad discouraged right now. In order to keep my sanity regarding the weight-loss endeavor I sometimes feel the need to inject a little levity (or in this case, satire).

StarBittrune said...

Hmm ... YouTube took down the video, citing violation of "terms of use." I can't imagine what it could be, given the abundance of blatantly offensive material they allow. So, I missed it. Anyway, be encouraged, my friend. Walking with God is health to the soul, spirit, and body.

Brad Carlson said...

I can't imagine what it could be, given the abundance of blatantly offensive material they allow.

Yeah, but this was pretty bad. A 300-lb shirtless golfer is something the kids shouldn't be seeing. In fact, I originally posted the video but then took it down right away. At first glance it appeared that was a woman about to tee off. That's all I'm sayin'.