Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Unintentionally hilarious!

While writing a recap of Saturday’s Tax Cut Rally, I mentioned a tongue-in-cheek remark made by MC (and KTLK morning host) Chris Baker. After Rep. Michele Bachmann’s impassioned speech at the rally, Baker quipped, “I might now reconsider my position on banning human cloning.” Of course the insinuation was that we need more people in Congress with Bachmann’s passion, hence let’s just make more than one of her.

Baker’s attempt at levity was pretty obvious, right?

So I can only assume that the chief Bachmann stalkers detractors were merely being satirical when they came up with the following analysis:

Michele Bachmann Fans Call for Human Cloning.

Of course, I’m probably being more than charitable to the anti-Bachmann crowd for being able to discern humor relating to the Congresswoman. So if indeed that headline was a serious premise for their post, then it really is true what they say. The best kind of comedy/satire is that which isn’t intended to be funny but is humorous nonetheless.


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Minfidel said...

Let's say we could clone Michelle Bachmann - about two or three more, for instance. Just think of how many Bachmann Derangement Syndrome stalker blogs that would launch! They'd be piddling all over themselves in excitement and taking up so much time blogging about her (and hers) that they wouldn't have any energy left for anything else. Call it a win-win!