Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tingelstad out; Cimenski in.

The fallout of the "override six" continues.

After Rep. Kathy Tingelstad announced this past week that she is not seeking re-election, MN House District 49B has a newly endorsed GOP nominee. Jake Cimenski, an IT specialist who is a married father of two small children, will face off against DFL endorsed Jerry Newton this November for the recently vacated MN House seat in 49B.

Cimenski was voted the nominee over two other prospective candidates in our House District's nominating convention this morning. In an impassioned nomination speech, he vowed to embrace the core conservative principles of the GOP which were abandoned by the likes of Rep. Tingelstad, who herself was in the audience. In fact, Tingelstad received verbal daggers from all three prospective nominees for her vote to override Governor Tim Pawlenty's veto of the Transportation bill. There is no question that the citizens in 49B are still smarting from that vote.

In continuing his speech, Cimenski talked of returning public service to the grassroots level.

I don't believe in this idea that you have to choose a Republican candidate to endorse who's so-called "more electable", even if they're not most in line with the platform. This is what has happened to our party the past eight years, and look where we are now.

And you can't go wrong in a room full of conservatives if you occasionally invoke the philosophy of our finest President.

If I may borrow a quote from Ronald Reagan and put a Minnesota twist on it: We don't have a $935 million deficit because we haven't taxed enough; we have a $935 million dollar deficit because we spend too much.

There's no question that Cimenski faces a more than formidable challenge from the DFL endorsed Newton. But we amongst the 49B Republicans chose to delay Tingelstad's endorsement last month. And now that we've thrown our weight behind another candidate, it's up to us to roll up our proverbial sleeves and do the work required to get the job done.



Anonymous said...

If he says the problem is spending, then what does he propose to cut?

Brad Carlson said...

Well since the largest expenditures go to Education and welfare, those seem like good places to start. Those two areas are prime examples of how more and more money does not translate to improvement.

Sue Jeffers said...

I would suggest he start with the 5 waiver programs in the human services budget, those total a quick billion. Eliminating redundant programs would save billions more.

Even though I don't live in your district I look forward to meeting our new candidate and I would be happy to help Mr Cimenski in any way including door knocking.
Sue Jeffers

Brad Carlson said...

Hey Sue, great to hear from you!! And thanks for your offer to help the 49B GOP!!

My contact info is on the sidebar. Send me an e-mail sometime and I will respond with Jake's contact information.


Scott Schulte said...

Brad can you elaborate on the names of those candidates who were seeking endorsement and failed?

Brad Carlson said...

Sharon Compton, whose father is a former legislator out of Worthington, I believe.

Dan Austin, who served in the North Dakota legislature in the 90s.