Saturday, March 15, 2008

In the belly of the beast.

“March Madness” is a phrase familiar to college basketball junkies. But said phrase can also be attributed to the annual mass gatherings of the anti-war kooks all over the United States. Every March brings mass protests of the Iraq war due to March 2003 marking the beginning of the Iraqi conflict.

In the Uptown section of Minneapolis on Saturday afternoon there was an added fervor in the air (or was it the mass amounts of patchouli oil?) due to this year being the 5th anniversary of the war.

I took the liberty of mingling amongst the young skulls full of mush outside an Army recruiting station on the corner of Lyndale Avenue and Lake Street. The group who calls themselves Youth Against War and Racism (slogan: “We’ve never met a pierced orifice we didn’t like.”) gathered at High Noon to chant endless vapid slogans.

As such, I took the opportunity to record video footage.



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