Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dan's disdain.

Torii Hunter and the Anaheim Angels come to town Monday to take on the Twins in the 2008 season opener for both clubs.

Over the past several seasons with the Twins, Hunter was a regular guest on Dan Barreiro’s KFAN radio show. With Hunter’s departure last November, Barreiro has been one of the more vocal critics of the Twins’ inability (or unwillingness) to re-sign Hunter to a long-term contract. Personally, I believe the Twins made a fair offer of 3 years, $45 million. Hunter and his agent insisted on a five year extension, which they eventually received from the Angels.

Since Hunter signed his contract, Barreiro has continually ripped the Twins organization on his show and blog. Perhaps it may be a little personal for Dan-O. After all, the loquacious Hunter was one of his more entertaining guests (if you don’t count the zany Pat Kessler that is).

My first prediction this baseball season: Watch/Listen for Barreiro to continue beating a dead horse to lament the loss of Hunter tomorrow on his blog and/or radio program. And the criticism of the Twins will really be amped up if Hunter has a good series at the Dome this week.

Get over it, Dan. Carlos Gomez will be more than adequate as a defensive replacement in center field and Delmon Young will likely usurp Hunter’s offensive productivity. Make those predictions #2 & #3.


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