Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tingelstad not running again? (UPDATE: It's official).

Rep. Kathy Tingelstad sent out a press release this morning stating she is not seeking re-election in MN House District 49B.

I left a message with my BPOU officials to obtain the names of who will be seeking the GOP endorsement for 49B.


An interesting snippet from Michael Brodkorb this week:

Rumors are flying around in Andover that Representative Kathy Tingelstad, one of the "Override Six", will not seek re-election. A call placed to Representative Tingelstad last evening seeking comment was not returned.

Interesting times in SD 49, to be sure. Rep. Chris DeLaForest (R-49A) has already decided not to run for re-election.

Then on Saturday, March 29, we here in House District 49B will be holding our nominating convention to select and endorse a GOP candidate for 49B. As one of the precinct chairs in Tingelstad’s district, it was my responsibility to call all the Delegates and Alternates in my precinct to ensure they have been notified of next Saturday’s convention. If Coon Rapids precinct 5-3 is any indication, Rep. Tingelstad is going to have an uphill battle in gaining the nomination.

That is, if she even intends on running again.

Stay tuned!



StarBittrune said...

We received a letter from Kathy's office Friday in which she tries to explain herself, and she starts off by citing the 35-W bridge collapse as evidence we need more transportation funding. What a crock! The transportation bill limits funding for roads in favor of mass transit (i.e., commuter rail) projects. I feel a bit sorry for Kathy, but she really did it to herself this time. You cannot claim to support limiting government, reducing taxes, and expanding freedom while promoting the opposite of all three. Kathy has been a consistent ally on social issues, but Minnesota Republicans do not disconnect social and fiscal conservatism. It is entirely reasonable for the party to withhold endorsement. If she insists on disregarding fiscal conservatism, she willfully forfeits party support.

StarBittrune said...

Cool! What about Jim ("Get a haircut") Abeler?

Brad Carlson said...

What about Jim ("Get a haircut") Abeler?

Last I heard was that his endorsement was "delayed" at the SD48 BPOU convention.

Mark said...

Great news, Brad!