Sunday, March 02, 2008

Kids say the darndest (and sweetest) things.

My wife has received many heart-warming condolences since the loss of her Dad last Tuesday. But few were more genuine (for better or worse) than the sympathies expressed by her students. My gal learned of her Dad’s passing last Tuesday during one of her classes (she teaches sixth grade Science). Naturally, her students have had to endure a substitute teacher over much of the past few weeks as Jen has assisted her family with Dad’s care.

In sifting through the many self-made sympathy cards produced by Jen’s students, I’ve decided to share some of the sentiments (both sweet and/or funny) expressed by a certain group of 11 and 12 year olds.

-Through the tragic times, we learn a lesson. Yet we also learn that the ones we love are not immortal but they can be if we truly believe. We miss you!

-Loss is hard, it hurts to let go.
He’ll always love you, and this I know.
For sure I’m certain he’s on your mind,
But please believe he loves you for all times.
Don’t give up hope, he’ll always be there.
He loves you forever, always you, everywhere.

-I’m so sorry your father passed away. Hope you come back soon, the sub teacher is boring.

-To a good friend and a great teacher. I am sorry for your loss. He is watching over you in Heaven.

-I am very sorry for your loss. May the Lord bless your life according to His will.

-I’m sorry for your loss. I felt the same way when my dog passed away. I want to comfort you.


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