Monday, March 10, 2008

The never-ending story.

As it turns out, “Spygatemay not be all that close to being resolved.

Word from the lawyers has former New England Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh primed to tell the National Football League what he knows about the team's taping practices. But as of Monday afternoon, a formal agreement hadn't been reached, and those close to the situation acknowledged that the logistics of when Walsh will meet with NFL officials has yet to even be discussed.

Over the weekend, the sides neared agreement on the general terms of the meeting, but NFL spokesperson Greg Aiello indicated a final agreement is not likely over the next day or two.

"No, I'm not getting that sense," Aiello said.

While I have been an admirer of the Patriots’ success since they won their first Super Bowl in 2001, for me there will definitely be a dark cloud over their three titles in four years. It’s been alleged that Walsh has damning evidence supporting the fact that coach Bill Belichick continuously violated league rules. Granted, I don’t have the same frothing-at-the-mouth obsession over “Spygate” that has been consistently displayed by Dutch Wydo. But I would want to see additional punishment levied towards Belichick if said allegations prove true. He already had to personally pay a $500,000 fine for his illegal videotaping in Week 1 of the 2007 season.

What will possibly happen if it’s determined that Belichick engaged is such activity over several seasons?

What do you think should happen?

What punishment should be meted out if Matt Walsh provides additional evidence of Bill Belichick illegally videotaping opponents?
Additional fininig of Belichick; No suspension
Fine & Suspend Belichick
Firing of Belichick
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