Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Separated at Birth: Gary Gaetti & Liza Minnelli.

Gary Gaetti: Minnesota Twins third baseman from 1981-1990.

Liza Minnelli: Singer, actress and daughter of Judy Garland. Ms. Minnelli celebrated her 62nd birthday today.



Mark said...

That's hilarious! I'm getting an image of Steve Lombardozzi coming over to borrow some of the Rat's mascara....

Brad Carlson said...

Speaking of Lombardozzi, do you remember the time he and Dan Gladden got into a scuffle off the field (around 1988, I believe)? Apparently they had a long-simmering feud which finally exploded at Gladden’s house. Lombo drove over there to confront Gladden when Danny came outside and clocked him in the face, resulting in a black eye. The best part of the story was that Gladden at the time was allegedly playing some game with his young daughter in which he put on earrings.

That’s a visual!! Lombardozzi getting his butt kicked by a guy wearing little girl earrings.