Wednesday, March 12, 2008

RINO hunting.

With last evening being the second Tuesday of the month, we held our monthly BPOU meeting in SD49. And it was the first opportunity that many of us 49B precinct chairs had to see Rep. Kathy Tingelstad since the Transportation bill passed into law. Of course, Kathy has been widely lauded by Minnesota DFLers for “voting her conscience” and saying “yes” to both the bill and subsequent veto override. You see, according to Democrats, a GOP member is to receive much adulation for “doing the right thing” by “voting their conscience.” However, Rep. Mary Ellen Otremba (D-Long Prairie) was not afforded that same courtesy by her seemingly lovestruck party. Did you notice Rep. Otremba didn’t dare uphold her initial “no” vote on the bill? Had she and John Lesch (D-St Paul) maintained their respective “no” votes when it came to the veto override, then the Governor’s action would have been upheld, resulting in killing the bill. Somehow I get the feeling that the DFL wouldn’t have been as complimentary towards two members of their own party for “voting their conscience.”

But I digress.

As of this post, we still do not have a GOP-endorsed candidate in 49B. So mark your calendars for Saturday, March 29. That is the date when our House district will be holding its nominating convention. I can tell you that at least one person stepped forward at the BPOU to say they would vie for the GOP endorsement in 49B.

I guess one can safely assume that March is the month when RINOs are in season.


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StarBittrune said...

I plan to "vote my conscience" in not endorsing Kathy on the 29th.