Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tiger rallies; Now what?

For some sports pundits/talking heads it’s been boring covering Tiger Woods over the past ten years. Woods has not only been prolifically winning PGA majors, he’s at times been in another stratosphere compared to the rest of the field.

Of course, the knock on him thus far in 2007 is that he has yet to win a Grand Slam event. Some of golf's other all-time greatest players have gone two, maybe three years between major championships. But Woods goes almost one year without a major (the 2006 PGA last August was his last) and it’s suddenly national news.

The only “flaw” anyone could conjure up regarding Tiger’s play is the fact he’s not good at “coming from behind.” When Tiger trails going into the final day of match play he doesn’t ever win.

Well, we can throw that one out the window now.

In the final event before the final major of the year, Woods buried Rory Sabbatini and the rest of the field Sunday at the Bridgestone Invitational for an eight-shot victory, sending his confidence soaring Sunday as he left for Southern Hills and the PGA Championship.

Tiger’s thoughts after capturing the title at the Bridgestone?

"This might just give me a little more confidence," Woods said.

I’m sure that’s the last thing the field wanted to hear with the PGA championship coming up next weekend.


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