Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our State Fair is a great State Fair!

My gal and I arrived at the Minnesota State Fair this morning at 9:00 am sharp. After having a nice little breakfast (a scone with strawberries and cream) we walked around to the various sites.

Once the clock hit 11:00 am it was time for Volume I of the Northern Alliance Radio Network on AM 1280 The Patriot. Brian “Saint Paul” Ward and Chad the Elder, both of the blog Fraters Libertas, were the hosts for the two hour extravaganza.

Brian "Saint Paul" Ward (left) and Chad the Elder.

The first hour featured Kevin Arnold, founder of the newly featured Spam booth at the fair (located in Carousel Park under the Grandstand ramp).

Chad the Elder (left) and SPAM guy Kevin Arnold.

Mr. Arnold was there to give out samples of his products (i.e. Spam curds, Spam burger) as well as promote his new venture. I had a taste of the Spam curds and I have to admit they were quite tasty!

Later in the program, a gentleman from the Midwest Dairy Association was the guest and armed with him five hunks of butter. The purpose of this was to lure five volunteers from the audience to participate in a butter sculpting contest.

Yes, I was one of the five selected to partake in said contest. The subject of our endeavor was none other than Patriot promotions guy Jay Larson.

Sadly I was not the winner. I know. Given the uncanny likeness, I think it’s fair to say I was robbed. Oh well, I was a good sport about the whole thing.

At 1:00 pm, I sat in on Volume II of the NARN. Mitch Berg and Captain Ed Morrissey spoke mostly of the tragic story out of Saint Paul where 5-10 witnesses did not intervene during a sexual assault in an apartment hallway. I then went on the air to share the story of how I lived on that exact floor more than twenty years ago and how much the neighborhood has changed since.

I didn’t hear much of the second hour due to the parade going down Judson Street in front of the Patriot booth.

At about 3:30 we decided to go visit some of the animal barns. On our way we happened by the “Al Franken for Senate” booth. Franken himself was there holding a snooze fest meeting where he discussed his platform. Given some of Stuart Smalley’s Franken's ideas to expand government, I held on tightly to my wallet as I walked past. I only wish I had been there a half hour earlier when he was accosted by fellow MOB-ster Swiftee. Apparently Swiftee and his wife had poor Al sputtering when asking him about radio station Air America being bailed out by raiding a New York City charity.

Finally, it’s 5:00. After 1 ½ servings of cheese curds, two pronto pups, three bites of a wild rice burger and a chocolate shake from the U of M dairy bar, it was time to head home.

As is usually the case, it was a wonderful day at the great Minnesota get-together!!


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