Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday, Monday.

I’m taking a day off today from my contract job. I tweaked my back on Friday and it still has yet to feel quite right. The worst part is I haven’t exercised since Thursday. Being unemployed since mid-July hasn’t been very compatible with my weight loss endeavor as it is, hence there was no report at the end of July. With the State Fair starting this Thursday, an August update, if I bother to do one, would be rather dubious.

Speaking of unemployment, I received an unexpected surprise on Friday. In checking my bank account online, I had an additional two weeks pay from my former employer!! When I was fired put on “Transition Employment”, I was told I would receive two weeks severance on August 17. But since I was let go before my transition period was complete, I figured the two weeks pay I received on August 3 was my severance. It was a natural assumption since I did not work any of the two weeks that would have been paid out in the August 3 paycheck.

Being of the utmost integrity, I called both my former boss and the payroll manager to inquire about the payment. If indeed I do not have this money coming to me I want to be sure to return it ASAP. Perhaps I could have kept it and they would have been none the wiser. Heck, I could have even rationalized how I felt I deserved a month severance pay. Nonetheless, I did the right thing by alerting my former company of the extra money.

Any chance they might show some goodwill and tell me to go ahead and keep it? I suppose that’s too much to hope for.


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