Saturday, August 04, 2007

Katie Couric slammed: Part MMCLXVII

“I've always really liked Katie's work. I think she does a good job and she's a good journalist, but I think, by trying to put her into a completely different format, she's gone from being sort of an exuberant presence to someone who looks like they've been kidnapped and drugged and are making a hostage tape.”

-Mary Mapes, former producer of CBS evening news, commenting on Katie Couric in her role as anchor of said evening news program.

By the way, has there been any response from CBS head guy Les Moonves on Mapes' analysis? When former CBS news anchor Dan Rather gave an unflattering synopsis of Couric’s work, Moonves labeled his remarks “sexist”.

Come to think of it, Moonves will probably give Mapes a pass on her comments. After all, she served a valuable purpose in her role as scapegoat in the forged documents scandal at CBS.


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