Monday, August 06, 2007

Back to work.

For the first time since Wednesday, July 18 I put in a full day of work!

Even though I have yet to find a permanent position, I will be working for a Saint Paul direct mailing company on a two-week contract basis. My mission while there is to determine the cause of a $500,000 discrepancy in a postage account.

The first day analysis: Worse than the dentist.

But better than the proctologist!



Doug said...

Hey Brad,

I don't stop by very often since you decided to stop publishing my posts so I just learned about your "transitional employment" situation...

I was in a similar situation back in 1998.

I merged my creative department with another department and effectively merged myself out of a job when they brought in a guy from Carlson Marketing.

He lasted exactly two weeks - was fired when the President of the division learned that he was a fraud. The company lasted about a year before they eventually folded.

I got a job for a publishing company but quit just after 9-11 because I wasn't doing the job I was hired to do. That and and I was commuting 70 miles one way and never saw my kids.

To make ends meet, I did design jobs on the side, worked part-time for Home Depot, did audio engineering for my wife and I did odd handyman jobs for the clients of a friend who works with disabled and elderly.

I loved working with the Vets and the elderly and A little over a year ago, he offered me a job as a case worker for his clients. I'm looking at heading back to school for Social Work and for the first time in my life can honestly say I absolutely love my job.

Getting fired, er... um... laid off was the BEST thing that ever happened to me.

I hope everything works out and that you find a job that is as fulfilling to you as mine is to me.

Best of luck.

Brad Carlson said...

Thanks for the kind words!!

I have been on several interviews over the past few weeks so I have no doubt I will find something in my chosen field within a week or two. I’m finding that it’s a very good market right now.

Admittedly, I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 ½ weeks I was off work. Hey if the company that fired me was going to pay me to leave, I figured I’d live fat and happy for a while. Then last week I decided to accept the contracting gig I alluded to in this post. It was a matter of getting my brain back into work mode.

You know, I actually lifted your ban back in May when you commented on the following thread: