Saturday, August 18, 2007

On this date, nineteen years ago.

I learned today that a certain young lady MOB-ster was born on this day 19 years ago. Nineteen years???!!! That’s literally half my life ago. Scary!

Amazingly enough I recall what I was doing on August 18, 1988. I was at the Metrodome that evening where the Twins were taking on the Texas Rangers. I recall saying something derogatory about Rangers pitcher Jeff Russell within earshot of a Rangers fan. He told me to tone down the language because he didn’t want his kid exposed to my verbal assault on the Texas players. I think I told him mind his own business when at that point he went to get a security guard to try to get me removed from the game. Since we were in lower left field General Admission seating, my friends and I quickly ran to a different row where we wouldn’t be spotted.

While I was able to finish watching the game, I ended up receiving the worst punishment of all. The Twins lost to the pitiful Rangers, 4-2.

I have a feeling the atmosphere was much more celebratory and peaceful wherever the Stewart family was that day.

That's the birthday girl on the far right!

On behalf of my gal and me, we wish the Mall Diva a very happy birthday!!


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