Sunday, August 19, 2007

Need a hitter? Look over in the first base dugout.

The Minnesota Twins are fading fast in their quest to make the 2007 postseason. The general consensus amongst the Twins front office, as well as columnists and fans, is that another bat in their lineup would make a big difference.

Of course, we’re given the typical spin doctoring by the organization about how everyone is looking for a bat and that the asking price is too high whenever contenders go shopping.

This weekend I believe the Twins could find a bargain… the visitors’ dugout no less!

Sammy Sosa's climb up the home run chart is about to slow down.

Sosa was told in a long, closed-door meeting (August 1) that his playing time will be cut, one day after the Texas Rangers traded away two other established stars.

"They have young kids they want to see," Sosa said. "Once in a while, I'll be playing. I don't have a problem with it."

"I feel great. If I didn't want to play, I'd leave right now. I know I have a couple years [left]. I'll stick around here until the season is over and then whatever happens, happens."

Sosa leads the last-place Rangers with 16 homers and 70 RBIs, but has seen his average drop to .239 after reaching a season-high .278 on May 11. He hit his 600th career homer June 20 and currently has 604.

Memo to Twins GM Terry Ryan: GO GET SOSA!! Even though his average is tanking, he still has some pop in his bat. Besides, his production at the DH spot tops whatever contributions we’ve received from the Tyner/Kubel/White/Cirillo carousel.

The best part? Sosa is only making $500,000 for the entire year! Pick him up now and you would only have to shell out about $120,000 for the remainder of this season. Also, the Rangers have come out and said they’re cutting Sosa’s playing time. Therefore, they have no leverage when it comes to trading him and thus wouldn’t ask for a king’s ransom in return.

The only potential sticking point is would Sosa clear waivers if he hasn’t already. If a trade is to be made after July 31, any player must be put on the waiver wire. He then must go through all the other 29 teams without being claimed. However, if a team does claim Sosa that is the only team with whom Texas can negotiate a trade. If a deal can not be reached, Sosa would go back to Texas where he would have to remain the rest of this season.

Go for it, Twins!! A 7-game deficit with 40 to go is getting close to insurmountable.


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