Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Democrat sharks attempt to make Wal-Mart their feeding frenzy.

Last December, I was walking down State Street in Madison, WI when I was approached by a man wanting me to sign a petition. It was a petition aimed at attaining better benefits for Wal-Mart employees. I respectfully declined. I realized most Wal-Mart employees didn’t operate under the delusion that a greeter position or cashiering job typically garnered any kind of benefits. Therefore, I had no vendetta against the successful company and I’m an unapologetic capitalist to begin with. Needless to say, I was shouted at in typical liberal frothing–at-the-mouth style.

For some time now, I have been wondering why the liberals have this obsession with Wal-Mart. After all, their products are priced so inexpensively that it is a benefit to low-income people shopping there. It’s the liberal Democrats who like to remind us that they are the party of the “little guy.” Based on that claim, wouldn’t it behoove the libs to support Wal-Mart unconditionally?

It is only after reading this piece by Brendan Miniter in the Opinion Journal that I learned of the liberal’s true agenda for attacking Wal-Mart: Expanding government.

With the war on Wal-Mart now heating up in nearly three dozen state legislatures, I put a call in to someone who was in on the ground floor in pushing to force the retailer to spend more on health care for its employees. What Maryland's Delegate James Hubbard, a Democrat from Prince George's County, had to say was revealing of both why he backed his state's "Wal-Mart bill" and what this fight is really about: expanding Medicaid and other taxpayer-funded health-care entitlements.

Let's first understand that the drive to enact anti-Wal-Mart legislation has very little to do with the retail giant except in two respects: dipping into its very deep pockets, and using the controversy surrounding the company to mask the larger agenda of expanding already-bankrupt entitlement programs. Of course, in this war legislators have a ready made ally in the AFL-CIO, which has its own reasons for going after the nonunionized company.

So what you have here is a Democrat “perfect storm.” Growing the size of government by sticking it to a financially sound company, all while strengthening the union vote.

Even if it doesn’t work, the Democrats can perpetuate the myth that their efforts were dedicated to helping the “little guy.”


D.N.H. said...

Well Brad you did it again. Yes again another great piece.

I have oven wondered why the demorcrats hate wal-mart so much. Many or the retails don't pay well in health insurence or benifts yet no one yells and screams about the Kmarts or any others.

This war on Wal-Mart is a joke.

Anonymous said...

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