Monday, February 27, 2006

Will the real Brad Carlson please stand up.

With a nice Nordic name like Brad Carlson, I figure I have several namesakes in the state of Minnesota. Maybe even a few in the Twin Cities. But in my neighborhood? You’d be surprised.

First, I’d like to go back about 12 years. I was making one of my bi-annual visits to my Dentist. As I arrived for my routine cleaning, I was told by the hygienist “This isn’t as bad you may have heard.” I thought that was a rather odd statement. I responded in that mode by saying, “Ah, well I’ve had this done twice a year for the past several years now.” Looking somewhat puzzled, the hygienist pulled my file and asked if I were the Brad Carlson of New Brighton who is in for a root canal. By that time, all the blood probably drained from my face. Yes, I am Brad Carlson. And, yes, I lived in New Brighton at the time. But a ROOT CANAL???!!! After much rehashing (and a borderline plea for my life) it seemed there was another Brad Carlson of New Brighton who went to the same dentist. I guess I should be glad that information was verified before the Novocain was administered.

Fast forward to today. I was chatting earlier today with my dear friend Greg Bittner. I asked if he had a nice weekend, when I sensed an awkward tone in his voice. As it turns out, Greg’s wife threw a surprise birthday party for him on Friday. I was a bit puzzled since I knew his birthday was not until early March. I guess that is what made it such a surprise. Anyhow, the reason for the tone of Greg’s voice was due to the fact my wife and I never RSVP’d to the party. There was indeed a good reason: We never received an invitation. As it turns out, in trying to keep the surprise, Greg’s wife didn’t ask him where he kept his online address book. Instead, she looked up Brad Carlson’s home address on the internet. Well, she sent the invite to Brad Carlson in the northern suburb where my wife & I reside. However, upon further review, it went to the Brad Carlson who has an address which is two blocks from our home! Can you believe that?

I guess my next logical question would be did that Brad Carlson show up?

Oh, well. The good news and bad news about being Brad Carlson is I avoid a root canal but miss a great party.


D.N.H. said...

Brad- I love your blog. You must be an outstanding person. You have a great way of showing off you life here.

As I have said I loved the post about your dad and the one about a co- worker of yours. I also like to read your prespective on sports issue. However I never knew you were so funny I laught out loud a couple of times well reading this post.

Thanks for the great reading.

Brad Carlson said...


You're good for my ego!

I plan on doing follow-ups to the posts about my Dad and my former co-worker, as the respective situations develop.

Again, thanks so much for reading.