Monday, February 13, 2006

Fact and Fiction: First female President(s) in jeopardy.

When attempting to draw parallels between fictional President Mackenzie Allen (Geena Davis) and real-life hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton, I don’t think this is what ABC-TV had in mind.

As reported by Star Tribune media guy, Neal Justin:

President Mackenzie Allen appeared indestructible. "Commander in Chief," in which Allen is the first U.S. prez to wear high heels in public, premiered in late September to more than 16 million viewers, the best numbers for a Tuesday-night drama in five years. Critics joined in the mandate, with title star Geena Davis winning a Golden Globe last month for best actress.
But in recent weeks, "Chief" ratings have nosedived.

New episodes are drawing roughly 60 percent of the audience the show had last fall and ABC plans to yank the drama from the schedule in March for two months.

As the television series “Commander in Chief” is imploding ratings wise, the same can be said for Senator Clinton when it comes to her White House aspirations.

Over the past year or so, many of the self-anointed pundits on the left all but gave Hillary the Democratic nominee for 2008.

But as the London Times recently observed, “The Hillary Express” has been losing steam.

Above all, the issue that her supporters and opponents alike consider her biggest liability has surfaced ominously: the likeability factor.

Few deny that Mrs Clinton is razor-sharp and politically savvy. But even supporters worry about her personal skills, at least before a large audience. She is a somewhat wooden speaker with a hectoring style at times more reminiscent of Al Gore than her husband. And unlike Bill, she projects a lofty, distant air that has been likened to the Queen of Sheba in a power suit.

Last weekend Ken Mehlman, the Republican National Committee chairman, homed in on Mrs Clinton’s personality, saying that she was too angry. His aim was both to pinpoint her weaknesses and to needle her, and it seems to have worked.

Hey, Mrs. Clinton. If you’re happy, notify your face.

Oh, never mind then.

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