Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The $10,000,000 question.

When the Washington Nationals acquired Alfonso Soriano from the Texas Rangers in an off-season trade, they preferred he play left field instead of second base. In his five-year big league career with the Rangers and New York Yankees, Soriano has been a very good hitter. However, his defense at second base has been (to be kind) less than adequate. Despite that fact, Soriano was adamant he stay at second base. It got to the point where he insisted on playing second base…..or not at all.

On Tuesday, he released a statement that he would make up his mind today.

"I'm going to think about it," Soriano told, saying he was going to talk with his wife and agent.

Talk to his wife? Soriano is scheduled to make $10 million dollars this season. With about 26 weeks in a baseball season, players are paid every other week.

That’s a gross salary of $769,230.77 every two weeks. With about half going to taxes, you’re talking approximately $390,000 take home pay.

I can imagine that consultation with the wife:

Wife: How much will you get every two weeks if you play?

Alfonso: About $390,000.

Wife: And if you don’t play?

Alfonso: Zero.

Wife: Get your left fielder’s glove!

Soriano was indeed in left field for today’s spring training game.

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Unknown said...

Hi Brad-

these Pro players need to stop whinning. He is making so much money yet demands to play a position, that he is not very good at anyway.

The coaches should have the right to move any player to any spot they chose to. This is part of a coaches job, if he feels that it would be better for the team then shut up and do it.

Plus it is not like you have been in the league for 10 years and are as good at your position as Derek Jeter or Kirby Puckett was. You made alot of feilding mistakes and maybe a change would be good for you.