Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another "Toy Story".

I’m sure you’re familiar with these “Toy Chest” machines. You insert money and attempt to grab a toy by strategically lowering the claw over the prize you want.

What happens if a kid, who desperately wants a toy, does not have money to play the game?

Devin Haskin isn't the first little boy to find the inside of a toy machine too enticing to resist.

When the 3-year-old Austin, Minn., boy crawled through the discharge chute of a Toy Chest claw machine at a Godfather's Pizza in his hometown, he ended up on the other side of the glass surrounded by stuffed animals.

Rescuers had to pry the door open to get Devin out, though the boy was in no hurry to leave.

I bet not.

As an aside, I wonder if Devin’s older brother suggested getting twenty bucks worth of quarters and playing the game to try to get him out. As an older brother myself, I can vouch for the fact that it’s more creative than coercing the younger sibling into swallowing a nickel.

I’ve been apologizing to my younger brother for thirty years over that one.

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