Monday, January 14, 2008

Ten years ago this month.

Man, I love the NFL Network!!!

I just got done watching a replay of Super Bowl XXXII. In that big game, the Green Bay Packers were looking to repeat as champions as they took on the Denver Broncos. Hard to believe that was ten years ago this month.

Broncos QB John Elway, a three-time Super Bowl loser, was looking to exorcise the demons as the 37-year old was definitely nearing the end of his career. But for the first time in said career, Elway brought to the big game a stud running back. Terrell Davis had rushed for 1,750 yards and 15 touchdowns in the regular season. And he was the catalyst behind three playoff wins (including two on the road) which brought Denver to the Super Bowl.

I recall that particular Super Bowl fondly, not only because the Packers lost but also for the fact I was willing to stick my neck out in predicting a Broncos victory. Green Bay was about a 12 or 13 point favorite. In general I’m not the most accurate prognosticator when it comes to the NFL regular season. But I almost always nail the big game. And in this one, I made my boldest prediction.

At the time, two of my dearest friends were big-time Packer backers. And they were absolutely incredulous that I would pick against the spinach green and lemon yellow green and gold juggernaut. They were even more blown away at my detailed prediction. I said Denver would win 31-28. I went a step further and said Davis would rush for over 200 yards, two touchdowns and be named MVP. My buddies laughed uproariously.

As game day approached, Tony kept inviting me to his big Super Bowl shindig at his home. I kept on refusing because, as I kept telling him, I just didn’t feel right about dancing a jig in front of all the Green Bay fans when the Broncos won. I could tell he was getting angrier each time I repeated my bold proclamation. Alas, he was too gutless to make a bet. So I went to Dave. Since the three of us hung out every Monday evening back then, I said I would buy a Packers sweatshirt and cap to wear out the night after the Super Bowl if the Packers won. But if Denver won, Dave agreed to wear my five-year old Vikings sweatshirt (which reeked of my favorite bar) and ratty ball cap.

Denver won 31-24.

Terrell Davis ran for 157 yards (and it would have been over 200 had he not missed the entire second quarter due to a migraine), scored three TDs and was named MVP.

Dave did indeed honor his bet. Tony, however, came down with the “flu” the next night and didn’t hang out with us. Come to think of it, I didn’t see him the next week either.

Oh well, victory was mine!!!



Uncle Ben said...

Boo! Hiss!

Mark said...

That ain't victory, dude. That's schadenfreude. And in 1998, when the Vikings inexplicably lost in the NFC championship game, there was no joy in my household.

Brad Carlson said...

That ain't victory, dude. That's schadenfreude.

Well, maybe a little bit. But I can tell you that the excitement I felt with Green Bay losing paled in comparison to my prediction being almost spot-on.

Mark said...

No worries, Brad. Just have to give you a ration about it.