Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A report from MN Senate District 49.

We had a great meeting Tuesday evening with our fellow Senate District 49 Republicans. Given the drubbing suffered by the Minnesota GOP in the 2006 elections, I was overjoyed to see our meeting room filled to capacity!

We here in SD 49 are privileged to have 2 of the 49 Republicans remaining in the Minnesota House. Both Reps Chris DeLaForest (49A) and Kathy Tinglestad (49B) were in attendance. And both eloquently provided insights on what’s in store for Minnesota in 2008, both locally and nationally.

Another bit of great news to come from tonight was that the GOP caucus in 2007 set an all-time record for fundraising! Combine that with the utter ineptitude of the freshman class of DFLers and you have the Minnesota GOP prime for a huge comeback in ’08. Tingelstad, who is a member of the Capital Investment Finance Division Committee, shared her experiences in working with a Democrat majority. As a member of such a prominent committee, she has had to travel all over the state with the new DFL members and listen to them promise their constituents tremendous amounts of funding. In short, the committee must now find a way to allocate $800-$900 million where $4 billion was promised.

Yes, it’s likely to be a short honeymoon for first term DFLers elected in prominently Republican districts. In fact, Scott Kranz (DFL-51A) of Blaine is not even running for a second term. I was told it was because he found life in the legislature “too political”. A former teachers union president finding any other endeavor “too political”? That’s rich!

And now….Let games begin!!!


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