Friday, January 04, 2008

Strung out.

"If drafted, I will not run; if nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve."
American Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman when he was being considered as a possible Republican candidate for the presidential election of 1884.

In the motif of Sherman, I have this to say about my job interview with a Fortune 500 company this morning:

If offered the job, I will not accept. If chosen for work, I will not serve.

I met with three different managers for 45 minutes each. They all had approximately 12 questions. And every time I answered a question, I was hit with qualifying questions about my answers. As I was interviewing for this Accounting position this morning I couldn’t help but be reminded of a quote by Rodney Dangerfield in the movie Back to School:

”I feel like I just gave birth…TO AN ACCOUNTANT!!”

Better yet, have you ever seen that whack-a-mole game? I felt like all three moles combined after that interview.

Bottom line, something just didn’t feel right. I learned a lesson from last year when I accepted a job where I just didn’t feel 100% sold. As it turned out, I would get the gas pipe five months later.

The good news is I still have options. As I mentioned this week, I start a temporary gig on Monday the 7th with a firm just five miles from home. And there is a real possibility of it turning into something permanent.

Until then, the saga continues.


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