Saturday, January 19, 2008

Help wanted...and not just in Center Field.

Since being fired given “Transition Employment” from my last full-time job six months ago, I have yet to find that ideal permanent position. I’ve been doing consulting since that time while I’ve continued to search for a corporation where I can envision working long-term.

So today I got an e-mail regarding an opening for an Accounting Manager.

The employer?

A certain local sports team!!

Now I am well aware that the phrase “job security” is the biggest oxymoron this side of Cedric the Entertainer.

But with a brand new stadium slated to open in the Spring of 2010, I’m thinking the Minnesota Twins will be around for a while.

That said, I sent off my application and resume this morning!!



John said...

Good Luck Brad!!!!!

Doug said...

Good Luck Brad. Having worked with the Twins, Wolves and Vikings over the years, I have some advice...

Keep repeating to yourself - It's only a movie. It's only a movie. It's only a movie...