Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 is gonna be great!

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.
Psalm 23:4

Bring on the new year!!!

As far as my wife and I are concerned, we’re glad 2007 is in the history books.

And to think that the first half of the year was relatively quiet. It was only after celebrating our 7th anniversary on 07/07/07 that the proverbial roof caved in.

-On Monday, July 9, my wife’s sister had a severe ulcerate attack which landed her in the hospital for several days.

-Two days later we received word that the IRS wanted to make adjustments to our 2005 & 2006 tax returns. With back taxes, penalties and interest, they informed us we owed them close to $4,000.00!

-Then two days after that (on Friday the 13th no less) I was informed I was being fired placed on “Transition Employment” with a job I had all of five months. Basically, I had to transfer knowledge of my job responsibilities to a replacement over a two-week period (nine working days total). If I agreed to do so, I would be given two weeks severance. If not, I was told never to return to the premises. I agreed to fulfill my sentence work with the new person in order to receive severance. So after working with the replacement two days, I received a voice mail message on my cell phone saying I needn’t bother coming back. My boss insinuated that I wasn’t providing a whole lot of value to the new person in transferring my responsibilities. I guess the good news is I still got the two weeks severance.

-In mid-August, my Dad and I had a big blowout over the phone after I had written him a letter in July that I was abhorred by his continued belligerence towards me and my wife over inane subjects. After going through therapy sessions in an attempt to come to grips with my relationship (or lack thereof) with Dad, I finally told him how I felt. In typical Ed Carlson fashion, he deflected all culpability. He did so with such actions as pointing out my shortcomings as well as blaming my Mother for his moving to California when I was four. Bottom line, I was unable to rationalize with the irrational.

-In late October, my Father-in law had a reoccurrence of his prostate cancer. During the exam which led to that diagnosis, he was also told his bladder was riddled with cancer. A complex five-hour procedure was scheduled for early November to remove his bladder and prostate. Faux organs would subsequently be made out of his colon. It was a minor miracle that he survived the surgery given his myriad of other health challenges (i.e. weak heart, blood not clotting due to his chronic leukemia, etc.). However, within a week after the surgery, we were devastated to learn that my Father-in law’s cancer spread to his lymph nodes and has been deemed inoperable.

-On December 21, I was hit from behind in my car for the fourth time in the past 4 ½ years. As I write this, my car is still being repaired with what appears to be extensive damage underneath the trunk area. Thankfully, I escaped with only a bruised knee and slight stiffness in my neck.

I am happy to report, however, that 2008 has already brought about positive resolutions to some of the aforementioned incidents.

Given we haven’t been home much since Friday, I finally got around to checking the mail today. We were notified by the IRS that we provided them satisfactory documentation for the items they questioned on our past two years’ tax returns. No adjustments will be made after all!!!

Since January of last year, I have interviewed three times for an Accounting/Finance position for a company five miles from my home. Each time, I have been unsuccessful in landing employment. However, on Monday January 8th, I will be working for this place on a two-month contract basis with a good possibility of landing there permanently (if I so desire). My persistence may finally pay off!!

I can honestly say during that tumultuous six-month period, my wife and I never questioned that the Lord would see us through. We realize that His ways are much higher than ours and that He sees the end from the beginning. Admittedly, we really wished that God had let us in on the outcome sooner. Nevertheless, we’re here as a testimony to God’s grace, blessings and comfort.

May your 2008 be all that God intends for your life!!


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W.B. Picklesworth said...

Yup, sometimes the answers seem slow in coming, but do they ever come. I do hope that this temp position works out well for you so that you can settle in to a little stability. One way or the other, relying on the Lord to guide you to your destination while providing your needs along the way is the way to go! Happy New Year!