Friday, July 20, 2007

W's good week.

It was a rare good week for President Bush in what has been overall a rather tumultuous second term.

-The economy continues to hum along, with the Dow Jones industrial average breaking 14,000 for the first time.

-One of the most fraudulent and overblown stories in political history, the Valerie Plame “leak case”, has come to a merciful and long overdue end. A judge tossed Plame’s suit, which accused Bush administration officials of leaking her identity as a CIA operative.

-In a rare moment of clarity, the President didn’t botch a joke (unlike his 2004 opponent for President) during one of his speeches. In a visit to Tennessee yesterday, the President alluded to the Democrats desires to increase taxes. When pointing out that such massive hikes would subsequently harm businesses like the Nashville Bun Co., President Bush said:

I would warn the Nashville Bun Company to be very careful with this kind of approach because you can't keep making buns if the Democrats take all your dough.

Hey, you take the positives wherever and whenever you can get 'em.


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