Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Chief Justice Roberts falls ill.

Some rather disturbing news from the East Coast:

Chief Justice John Roberts suffered a seizure at his summer home in Maine on Monday, causing a fall that resulted in minor scrapes, Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said.

He will remain in a hospital in Maine overnight.

"It's my understanding he's fully recovered, said Christopher Burke, a spokesman for Penobscot Bay Medical Center, where Roberts was taken.

Roberts, 52, was taken by ambulance to the medical center, where he underwent a "thorough neurological evaluation, which revealed no cause for concern," Arberg said in a statement.

Can you imagine if a similar incident happened to either Justice John Paul Stevens or Ruth Bader Ginsburg? It’s a good bet that some liberal sock puppet in the blogosphere or mainstream media would lay blame on some right wing plot to pack the courts with more conservative judges. Just imagine if one of those liberal justices fell ill shortly after a Republican senator said something along the lines of “The Supreme Court is dangerously out of balance.” Yes, the lefty hysterics and conspiracy theories would really be kicked into high gear. Actually those words were spoken recently by Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), claiming the Senate should not confirm another U.S. Supreme Court nominee under President Bush “except in extraordinary circumstances.”

It’s not totally out of character for libs to concoct such kooky theories. Does anyone remember last December when Joy Behar of The View inquired about the ability of invoking “man made strokes” after Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) was stricken with such an ailment? If Johnson were unable to complete his term, the Governor of his state (in this case, a Republican) would name a successor. In turn, that could have swung the Senate majority back in favor of the GOP. Behar theorized it could have been the Republicans who caused Johnson’s illness because she knew what “that party is capable of.”

I don’t even want to browse the lefty blogosphere in light of this incident involving the Chief Justice. I can only surmise that I would need to take another shower.


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