Sunday, July 15, 2007

MOB Mentality.

Keegan’s Irish Pub was the place to be Saturday evening! The annual Summer gathering of the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers took place and, as always, it was a great opportunity to renew acquaintances with fellow MOB-sters as well as meet many others for the first time.

Here I am intently listening to the pearls of wisdom emitted by Derek Brigham (left) of Freedom Dogs and John “Night Writer” Stewart.

Ben Worley (left, of Hammerswing75) has been a regular commenter of mine for quite a while yet I never met him in person until last evening. It was quite an honor!! I was also privileged to finally meet the Mall Diva (right), valued contributor to the family-run Night Writer blog.

A photo-op with Dan “Northern Alliance Wannabe” Stover. Dan was pulling double duty on this night as he was busy socializing in addition to babysitting his daughters (ages 6 & 5).

Here, King Banaian (in Red Sox shirt) and the DFL’s public enemy #1 Michael Brodkorb (right) enjoy cigars while basking in the glory of another stellar show on AM 1280 The Patriot.

Here I’m chatting with AM 1500’s Bob Davis while Learned Foot (right) of The Kool Aid Report (a/k/a “Power Line on meth”) mugs for the camera.

James Lileks (right, wearing glasses) graces us with his presence. Of what little I read of the Star Tribune, Lileks’ column was one of the few worthy indulgences. He still does blogging, which always provides a nice dose of entertaining reading.

Others I had a chance to chat with Saturday evening, but not pictured:

-The gregarious Mitch Berg, AM 1280 radio guy and blogger extraordinaire. You can always catch him talking impassionedly as ever about reviving his beloved St Paul by getting more Republicans on the school board, city council, etc.

-Speed Gibson, who has lost a total of 75 lbs over the past few years and it still going strong!

-John Wilson, who himself took plenty of photos of the soiree.

-Andy Aplikowski, mayor of the MOB and an incredibly generous individual (first time I ever met the guy and he buys me a drink!!).

-John of Roosh Five, who offered a kind word of encouragement after my recent job loss.

As always, I look forward to the next big endeavor!!!


Ben Worley said...

Excellent to finally meet you (and meeting your wife was a bonus!)

Dan S. said...

Brad, it was truly a pleasure to meet you and Jennifer at the MOB party. I only regret we couldn't stay longer.

Take care, and hope to see you soon.

Fake Michael Brodkorb said...

Hey, I'm lookin good in that one picture! Wow. Nice pictures. Was so awesome to hang out with all you guys!

Next time: deep pit barbecue at my place. Vegetarians are NOT invited! Anti-American pinko commies that they are...