Monday, January 19, 2015

Zero sympathy

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be starring in another State Farm commercial soon.

It'll be a variation of this one:

Rodgers will take the place of the cute chick imploring insurance to "find me money."

As a Minnesota Vikings fan, I am way too familiar with heartbreaking NFC Championship Game defeats. As such, one would think I could be a little more sympathetic to the distraught Packers fans after Green Bay blew a 12-point lead with five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, eventually losing 28-22 in overtime against the Seattle Seahawks. But sorry, I can't muster any sympathy. Why? Well, two good reasons actually.

1) The Packers' franchise has 13 championships (including four in Super Bowl era) to my club's zero.

2) When the Vikings last suffered a gut wrenching loss in an NFC title game, we in Minnesota didn't have the option to go to a liquor store for comfort ------ because it was a Sunday.



Mr. D said...

Don't expect any sympathy. We'll be back for another try next year. And next time they play, the Seahawks come to Lambeau.

Brad said...

Though I did cringe when you declared the "dagger" prematurely. I wonder if Wayne Larrivee did the same thing?

Mr. D said...

I don't regret the dagger. Up to that point, there was no evidence that the Seahawks were capable of winning the game. It should have been the end right there. Two or three first downs there and the game would have been over. That's not how it played out, of course.