Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX: The Q&A

Super Bowl weekend is upon us, as is the annual tradition of the Super Bowl Inquisitor visiting my humble little site. This is the 10th Super Bowl where SBI & I have done this back-and-forth bit. Ironically, the Seattle Seahawks were also in the first Super Bowl prediction segment we did back in February 2006. This year they take on the New England Patriots, who are attempting to win that elusive fourth title in the Bill Belichick/Tom Brady era. goes nuthin'.

Super Bowl Inquisitor: I have a goal to frame questions and statements to where you won't delve into  a bunch of tedious '80s references.
Brad Carlson: Yeah, good luck with that.

SBI: Have you heard of Idina Menzel?
BC: Is she any relation to Johnny Football?

SBI: No, no. She's MENzel; He's MANziel. Ms. Menzel will be singing the National Anthem.
BC: Oh. Then, no.

SBI: Any general impressions of singer Katy Perry, this year's halftime entertainment headliner?
BC: Well, if her lineage is any indication, she'll do a great job!

SBI: Oh, were her parents good singers?
BC: You mean to tell me you never heard of her dad Steve Perry, who was lead singer of Journey?

SBI: OK, you deliberately invoked Steve Perry and Journey to undercut my efforts to prevent '80s references. You know damn well her real name is Katy Hudson.
BC: As in the daughter of actress Goldie Hawn, who starred in such '80s classic movies as Private Benjamin, Wildcats and Overboard??!?!

SBI: I give up.

OK, live in the now, please. Has the hype over DeflateGate finally died down?
BC: Probably not. All I know is the constant talk of shrunken balls has resulted in more double entendres than a Three's Company episode. 

SBI: Does it bother you that Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch doesn't talk to the media?
BC: Not a bit. 

SBI: Care to elaborate?
BC: Hey, I'm just here so I don't get fined.

SBI: Uh Huh. This is the third time in Super Bowl history where the head coach of one team replaced in his current job the guy coaching the opposing team (In this case, Bill Belichick replaced Pete Carroll as Patriots coach in 2000). Does that stat do anything for ya?
BC: It's analogous to when Jimmy Smits replaced David Caruso as the main co-star of NYPD Blue. That show did far better under Smits than Caruso, but David still found success later on in CSI: Miami. 

SBI: Yeah, but did Smits and Caruso ever go head-to-head for an Emmy Award?
BC: Ya got me there. 

SBI: It's been rumored that next season the NFL will not use Roman numerals to signify which Super Bowl number is being played. 
BC: Makes sense. Given the bad P.R. the league has suffered over the past year, Super Bowl L would give off a bad vibe.

SBI: What would be your dream cuisine for a Super Bowl party?
BC: So glad you asked. If anyone's willing to assist me, I'm willing to make this:

SBI: Damn! We'll be in touch. 

OK, we tried this bit two years ago, so let's do it again. It's "either/or" regarding Super Bowl cities. 

Beverages - Samuel Adams Boston Lager or a Starbucks latte?
BC: Is that a serious question?

SBI: Food - New England Clam Chowder or Fish n Chips?
BC: Fish n Chips

SBI: Tourist attractions - Freedom Trail or The Space Needle?
BC: Freedom Trail

SBI: Music - Aerosmith or Nirvana?
BC: Aerosmith

SBI: TV Characters - Cheers' Frasier Crane or Frasier's Frasier Crane?
BC: The Cheers version. I enjoyed his evolution that took him from stuff-shirt psychiatrist to whipped married guy to sex hound.

SBI: Politics - Elizabeth Warren or Patty Murray?
BC: Oof. My own senator Amy Klobuchar seems tolerable in comparison.

SBI: Without further ado, what is your prediction for the final score of Super Bowl 49?
BC: The current line I've seen is a "Pick 'Em," so I'm picking Seattle to prevail 23-17. If that happens, I hope Marshawn Lynch gets named MVP. The only question remaining is would he proclaim he's "going to DisneyWorld" or will he say something along the lines of "I'm only appearing in this commercial for the free trip?"

With that, thanks for another fun NFL season!

2014 Postseason record: 
Straight up: 7-3
Against the spread: 3-7


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