Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Deflate-gate (UPDATE: League investigation finds 11 of 12 balls underinflated)

Let's be honest here. The only reason so much hay is being made over allegations of an NFL team deflating footballs is because it's the New England Patriots. For that, the Pats organization (specifically head coach Bill Belichick) has no one to blame but themselves due to the Spygate controversy from 2007.

With all that said, it's much ado about nothing. Besides, even if there was the slightest bit of impropriety, do you honestly believe the Roger Goodell regime would be able to adequately uncover it? Color me skeptical.

The reaction of some Patriots players is about what you'd expect. A mere 12 hours after the Pats clinched a berth in their sixth Super Bowl in the Belichick era, future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady laughed off the charges when questioned about it on Boston radio station WEEI.

But perhaps the most epic response was given by Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski via Twitter.

Totally plausible.

UPDATE: The NFL investigation determined that 11 of 12 footballs used by the Patriots were underinflated. The critical question remaining is how that happened. Expect a lowly ball attendant to be thrown under the proverbial bus.


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