Sunday, January 24, 2010

Devastating Classic.

Well, I did predict the final score correctly. Unfortunately it was my Minnesota Vikings on the wrong end of a 31-28 score. Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints, who move on to their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

Yes, we were warned incessantly that Brett Favre would break the collective hearts of Purple Nation. Favre's three turnovers (The Vikes had five total), including a costly interception late in regulation when the Vikings were close to field goal range, certainly didn't help. But I maintained from day one that without Favre, the Vikings don't get near the Super Bowl. So I was willing to risk having my heart broken if my favorite squad could just be in the position to get to the ultimate game. That said, I'll eventually be able to look back at the 2009 season with pride. But not tonight.

It was all right there. Ryan Longwell, another former Packer, was getting warmed up late in regulation to kick the game-winner. FINALLY, we were going to get redemption for Gary Anderson's miss in the '98 NFC Championship game. But while at the Saints' 33-yard line with about 12 seconds to go, the Vikes inexplicably get caught with too many men in the huddle. A five yard penalty moved them back to the 38. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! The next play was the aforementioned interception, sending the game into overtime.

The Vikings would not see the ball again as the Saints won the coin toss in OT and drove down the field to get in position for a game-winning field goal. Saints kicker Garrett Hartley nailed a 40-yarder for the win. True to the caveat of Packer Nation, the Vikings' season ultimately ended on a Favre interception. It is what it is.


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