Saturday, January 16, 2010

But they said it really loud, they said it on the air on the radio

I had as much fun as I anticipated in my role as guest co-host Saturday on the Northern Alliance Radio Network. Once again, I want to convey my sincere thanks to Brian Ward for the more than generous invitation.

I've done radio before and I can tell you it's better to leave topics on the table than to run out of show material. Given we were live on location at the 2010 Minnesota Sportsmen's Show, there was a lot to talk about in terms of just the exhibits at said show.

And as advertised, we had a very diverse lineup of guests on the program.

Tom Goodrich, founder of an awesome charitable organization called Fishing for Life. It's an endeavor which introduces urban kids to the sport of fishing and allows them to actually experience nature and the great outdoors.

Lou Ann Best with Twiggy the water skiing squirrel.

Here we are joined by Michael Cummins, who is vying for the GOP nomination in MN Congressional District 8. Cummins will attempt to unseat barnacle DFLer Jim Oberstar, who has been in the US House nearly 40 years!

Brian and I interviewing local sports author Ross Bernstein, who joined us via telephone. Bernstein was promoting his latest book I Love Brett Favre/I Hate Brett Favre.

Crystal and Ashley of The Bikini Ice Fishing Team. They did not don their ice fishing "uniforms" in an effort to make the weekend a family-friendly environment.

The gals were really flattered to have been asked to be on the radio. Brian and I were concerned that asking them "Hey, you wanna do a radio show?" would come across as a bad pickup line.

Man, what a fun day! I will definitely be more than ready for my next opportunity!!



Mr. D said...

I heard a few parts of it in between coaching Ben's basketball game. You did a really good job, Brad, and I'm really glad you had the opportunity. You might become the go-to guy as a special guest host on the NARN.

Brad Carlson said...

You might become the go-to guy as a special guest host on the NARN.

Well, Brian did tell me there would be opportunities in the future, so I'm thinking that may be the case. A guest spot every few months or so would definitely satisfy the bug!