Thursday, April 09, 2009

New show on AM 1500

Gotta admit, the promo doesn't do a lot for me.

Dear Brad,

As promised, here is some info on the new radio show that debuts this morning and will air each weekday 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.


There are enough agendas in the world. This is a talk show about the day's top stories from a distinctively upper Midwestern perspective, including a dose of skeptical humor and subtle sarcasm. Even the most serious of topics, there is a laugh to be had in there somewhere.

Prebil & Murphy is Shawn Prebil and Chris Murphy join AM1500 with several years of hosting radio shows, most recently teamed for a few years in Madison, WI.

Murphy, a native of Apple Valley, is a struggling parent of two young daughters, yet Prebil knows everything about parenting because he has no children.

Give them a few listens and let me know what you think. (Keep in mind, Joe Soucheray's first week many told me he would never work out.)

Maybe. But the same thing was also said about Chris Krok and Willie Clark.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Prebil & Murphy.


Steve Konrad
Program Director
am1500 KSTP



Mark Heuring said...

Two dudes from Madison. What could go wrong?

Right Hook said...

I fully agree that the promo does nothing to encourage me that this will be a good change. At least there's Mike Gallhager on The Patriot and G. Gordon Liddy on the internet during this time slot. Laura Ingraham is also an option but one has to get if off of the internet to listen live as KTLK-FM delays it 15 hours for some unknown reason (Langdon Perry sucks at 5-7 AM and Chris Baker is marginal at best).

Mark apparently never listened to "Kroc Talk" - one dude from Madison that totally bombed at KSTP.


Mark Heuring said...

Sorry if I didn't make it clear that my tongue was firmly in cheek, RH. I went to college in a town (Beloit) about 45 miles down the road from Madison, so I'm well aware of the state of Madison radio. I doubt these guys will be any better than Kroc, who was terrible.