Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another adventure in pet shenanigans.

On Saturday afternoon we took my mother-in law to her birthday lunch at the Olive Garden. Since Mom has a puppy that isn't completely kennel trained, Sophie the dog will occasionally take car rides to wherever Mom goes. Since I was driving our Saturn to lunch, Sophie would be OK in the car for an hour or two since it is still cool outside this time of year.

As we came out to the car after finishing lunch, the excited pup was wagging her tail vociferously. As soon as I opened the driver's side door Sophie excitedly leaped into the driver's seat. So excited was this canine, that she lost control of what I thought would be a minuscule bladder. But given the large puddle formed in the driver's seat, Sophie appears to have a sizable holding tank. I frantically searched my trunk for something to wipe the seat. Thankfully, there was a large plastic bag which I could place on the seat for the ten mile ride home.

As we learned with our cat last month, animals often communicate with messages from within.


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