Friday, April 24, 2009

Minnesota proud.

Check out a recent history of events in my great state that has made us a proverbial laughingstock:

-In 1998, we elected a former professional wrestler (and as it turned out, a thin-skinned bully) as our Governor. Ten years later we elected a despicable and vile human being to the US Senate.

-The "Flying Imams".

-Idaho Senator Larry Craig and his....ahem..."wide stance" in a stall at a MSP airport restroom.

-But an incident this past Wednesday at Popeye's Chicken in Minneapolis has to be the coup de grace of this 10-year run of embarrassing Minnesota moments. People literally traveled from throughout the Twin Cities metro area to save a mere $5 on an eight piece chicken meal (never mind that most spent more than that in gas or cab fare just to get to the restaurant). However, the local Popeye's franchise was not participating in an "Earth Day" discount being offered by Popeye's company owned stores. And did the patrons ever pitch a fit.

You have to see the Fox 9 news story to fully understand the sheer lunacy.


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