Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vikings need help in more ways than one.

During Sunday evening’s pitiful performance by the Vikings, I get a phone call from my wife’s cousin “Dutch”, who lives in the Pittsburgh area.

My wife hands me the phone and I say something along the lines of “Dutch, what’s going on?” Literally for the next five minutes that would be the longest sentence I would utter. Dutch, who is a sports radio talk show host for a Uniontown, PA station, grilled me on the state of the Vikings and how a solid team like that could go with Tarvaris Jackson at QB.

He then really hit below the belt and said T-Jack reminded him of Kordell Stewart. OUCH!!! Even those NFL fans outside of Minnesota are starting to pile on T-Jack.

The 32-21 loss to the Washington Redskins means the Vikings need to win in Denver next week and have the Skins lose at home to Dallas just to get in the playoffs. Since Dallas has already wrapped up home field throughout the NFC playoffs (HA HA Packers!!), it’s quite possible they’ll rest some key guys in next week’s game.

Part of me hopes the Vikings don’t make the postseason. That way they might actually make an honest assessment of the QB position and realize that Jackson (5 INTs in the past two games) isn’t quite ready for prime time.

Hey Donny!!! Any chance you’d like to be reunited with your old offensive coordinator?


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