Saturday, December 08, 2007

I want my MTV NFL Network.

On Thursday the 6th I started a brief sabbatical, given my most recent consulting gig ended Wednesday afternoon. Since my next assignment doesn’t begin until Tuesday, I decided to take care of some logistical things around the house.

Oh sure, there was laundry to be done, carpet to be vacuumed and cat boxes to be cleaned. But first things first: I had to go to our local Comcast service center to pick up a new cable box. Yes, I finally broke down and decided to pay the extra $6 per month to get the Sports Entertainment tier package. Said package includes the coveted NFL Network where NFL games are exclusively broadcast every Thursday and Saturday in December. What great timing since the Bears and Redskins were scheduled to play last Thursday evening. Anyhow, after I picked up the new box I was instructed to call Comcast customer service upon hooking up the new device.

After successfully installing the box, I called Comcast to get things rolling. After several minutes of carefully following the instructions of the customer service guy, all I saw on each channel of our cable TV account was the message “ONE MOMENT PLEASE. This channel will be available shortly.” Not to worry, I was told. On the day of a football broadcast on the NFL Network, traffic is typically pretty heavy. I was advised to give it about twenty minutes and I’d have my sports package.

56 hours later, I’m still waiting.


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