Monday, December 17, 2007

A look back at NFL Sunday.

Some random thoughts about Week 15 in the NFL.

- I see singer Jessica Simpson was in attendance at the Eagles-Cowboys game to cheer on Dallas QB (and boyfriend) Tony Romo. Unfortunately, Romo stunk out the joint in a 10-6 loss to the Eagles. I’m beginning to think Jess may be some sort of curse on her boyfriends and their livelihood. Is there any truth to the rumor that singer John Mayer flubbed the words to his song Your Body is a Wonderland when Jess attended one of his concerts while they were dating?

- Memo to all NFL talking heads, sports commentators, etc. The name of the team in Jacksonville is pronounced JAG-WAHRS, not “JAG-WIRES”. Got it??!! Say it with me: JAG-WAHRS; JAG-WAHRS; JAG-WAHRS.

- When you see the number “1865”, what do you think? Yep, that’s the year the Civil War ended. It also happens to be the number of kickoffs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers received in their 32-year franchise history without returning one for a touchdown----until Sunday. Michael Spurlock returned a first quarter kickoff 90 yards for a TD in the Bucs 37-3 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

- Speaking of the Bucs, members of 1976 winless squad were cracking open cans of Grain Belt Sunday evening. That’s because their record will remain intact at least another year thanks to the Miami Dolphins finally getting their first win of the season. They defeated the Baltimore Ravens 22-16 in overtime.

- Green Bay QB Brett Favre set another passing record Sunday. Earlier this season he became the all-time leader in TD passes and victories. Now you can add passing yardage to his long list of records he’s merely keeping warm for Peyton Manning accomplishments. Favre surpassed Dan Marino for the top spot having thrown for 61,405 yards in his career, which is the equivalent of 35 miles. To put that in perspective, that’s the distance from the city of Anoka to the Mall of America.

- And finally, the New England Patriots became the first team since 1972 to begin a regular season 14-0. A 20-10 win over the New York Jets in miserable weather conditions (freezing rain, strong wind gusts, etc.) clinched home field throughout the AFC playoffs for the Pats. Next up, the Pats host the 1-13 Dolphins. Assuming they win to go 15-0, New England has a chance to run the table with a victory in their regular season finale at the New York Giants. That game is scheduled for Saturday, December 30, broadcast exclusively on the NFL Network ----a channel I now have!!! And here I thought I’d never be part of a clique!!


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